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7 Reasons to choose a Canopy Bed for the Bedroom


Installing a canopy bed in your bedroom is a great idea. Canopy beds are popular because they stand out from other styles of beds and add to the aesthetic appeal of the room. If you want to make the bedroom more dramatic incorporating minimum elements, this bed is the ideal solution. If you are not sure how to make your bedroom design more interesting with a canopy bed, here are a few tips that will help you to elevate your interior design: 

1 ) Drill rods into the ceiling 

A common method involves drilling rods into the ceiling so that they can be used for hanging the draperies. While drilling rods, make sure that you use the perpendicular wall as the fourth edge and create a square that has the same dimensions as the bed. Install long drapes that create a flowing canopy effect. You could paint the ceiling above the bed a different colour so that it attracts more attention. 

2 ) Curtains over the headboard 

Do not hang the curtains from the ceiling. Instead, hang them on the wall above the headboard. You can add more drama to your bedroom design by using a u-shaped rod. Also, add a few enticing vases with beautiful flowers or other high-rising decorative items in the setup to adorn your interior design. However, do not place too many items near the bed and make the area appear crowded. 

3 ) Long flowing drapery above the bed 

Install a few nails into the ceiling at irregular distances to attach draperies above the bed. To add more drama to the setup, you can tie ribbons on the nails. You can either opt for a three-sided or four-sided enclosure. However, it strictly depends on the number and length of the drapes used. 

4 ) Redesign a bunk bed 

If you have a bunk bed in your house, you can easily transform it into a canopy bed. All you need to do is hang fabric from the top bunk and cover it, while using the lower bunk for sleeping. This is a very easy and fast trick that can easily save you from a lot of expenses as you will be redesigning an old bunk bed. 

5 ) You can never go wrong with a chandelier 

You can always experiment with your bedroom design to make it reflect your style. To add a more opulence to the room, you can consider installing a chandelier above the bed. Instead of a chandelier, you can consider installing other hanging lights as well. Just make sure that you cover the area around the lighting fixture with any light fabric and tie it to the posts of the bed with beautiful ribbons. This simple trick can change the appearance of your interior design instantly. 

6 ) Canopy bed for the outdoors

In many parts of India, people often prefer sleeping outdoors because of the heat. In such cases, canopy beds prove to be very useful to avoid various insects and pests that can otherwise and impede your sleep. You can hang curtains or any piece of fabric from an overhanging branch to ensure that they cannot disturb you while resting. 

7 ) Buy pre-made posts 

Manufacturers are aware of how popular these canopy beds are. Hence, they manufacture posts that can easily be attached to your bed. Whether you have a queen-size bed or king-size, posts of all types and sizes are easily available in the market. These posts are very beneficial because people can easily buy them at economical rates and install them in their beds instead of investing in a new bed. Make sure you choose a post whose design and colour easily complement the rest of the home decor.


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