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A Buying Guide to Choosing a Mirror for Any Space


When choosing a mirror for your bedroom, bathroom, or living room, it is crucial to take some time to consider some things. A mirror does more than reflect light in the room. They also create illusions that improve your interior decorations. We have created a guide to direct you when choosing a mirror for any space. Check it out below.

Things to Consider When Buying a Mirror

If you have decided to include mirrors in your room to serve more than a dressing assistant, it is crucial to consider some factors to ensure you get the suitable space depending on the room. Here are factors to look at.

  • Mirror Type

It is crucial to look at different types of mirrors and where they suit best. You can buy a wall mirror, a free-standing mirror, or a dressing mirror. However, consider the amount of space available when deciding between a floor mirror and a wall mirror. Mirrors require ample space. Therefore, it may be best to preserve big mirrors for bigger rooms. You will also need to consider other things like shape, size, and weight when deciding between the two options.

  • Mirror Frame

Some mirrors come with frames while others don’t. Therefore, if you go for the latter, you must know how to frame a bathroom mirror if you are buying one for your bathroom. Mirror frames come in different materials, finishes, and styles. Therefore, you need to choose one that will fit your décor. The material used to create the frame, such as metal, wood, and glass, impacts other things like weight and cost. Therefore, consider the material and style of the mirror depending on the rest of your décor theme.

  • Size and Shape

If you already know where you will hang the mirror, it is advisable to choose a mirror whose size is two-thirds the size of the furniture close to it. You can use paper to measure the size before you buy. Mirrors come in different sizes and shapes. These include leaner mirrors, round wall mirrors, and small and full-dress mirrors. Therefore, choose the size and shape based on where the mirror will be.

  • Hanging and Placement

When you know where to place the mirror, you already know its placement. You can hang it above furniture, as part of your gallery on the wall, or fill an empty wall. Whichever choice you make, make sure the mirror is well-placed. You can maximize its effect in the room by placing mirrors facing each other or close to the window to reflect as much light as possible. If you want to hang the mirror, ensure you have solid screws and fixes to avoid a disaster.

  • Cleaning

A dirty mirror can break the entire look of your room. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure it will always be clean by picking one that is easy to clean. Know how to clean the mirror to avoid ruining it properly.


You should look at various things when selecting a mirror for any room. However, make sure you include the ones mentioned here. You need a mirror that will improve the aesthetics rather than ruin it.


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