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An Ultimate Guide to Blocked Drain


There are countless reasons to call a plumber, and a blocked drain is common. You may be experiencing a foul smell or even water that doesn’t drain. When you allow these issues to continue, they will worsen, leading to nightmares. 

If you suspect a blocked drain, you can clear it yourself or hire blocked drains Melbourne plumbers. However, you must follow our advice; everything will run smoothly. 

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

When you experience blocked drains, get in touch with Lexity for plumbing services. That’s because a blocked drain will damage your property and bring health problems to people and pets living in your house.

So, when you see these warning signs, call Lexity for blocked drain services: 

  • Foul smell

A blocked drain will bring a foul smell to the house. The smell is a sewage-like scent, and you’ll wonder whether someone has forgotten to flush after using the toilet. 

  • Overflowing 

The other sign of a blocked drain is overflowing. Perhaps you are used to everything flowing down smoothly but see water spill back up. That is an alarming sign of overflowing drain, thus, experiencing a blockage. It means your drain requires cleaning to remove blocking materials. 

  • Gurgling Sounds 

When you hear gurgling sounds, it means water is pooling, thus pushing against the pipe. The moment you experience that, you’re likely facing a blockage. 

  • Slow Draining 

If you’re emptying the shower or sink but notice the water is pooling for longer than usual, it could be a blocked drain. The problem continues to worsen and not get better, which means the blockage is becoming larger. 

What are the causes of a blocked drain?

A blocked drain may occur due to various reasons. Most people will use their drains appropriately. But it is also easy to make mistakes. 

Some of the main causes related to blocked drains include: 

  • Tree roots 

Tree roots may not be the primary cause of local blockages in your drain. However, they are likely to disrupt the primary sewage system. Roots will continue growing until they breach the pipe, thus causing a blockage. 

  • Toiletries 

Toiletries are essential, but some will lead to draining blockage. Good examples are sanitary products, baby wipes, and nappies. These should not be flushed through the toilet. 

  • Cooking oil 

You should never throw cooking oil into the sink. It is viscous to flow freely. Cooking oil will gather and clump together, causing a blockage. 

  • Foreign Objects 

If you have kids, they can flush unusual things down the toilet. Some of these foreign objects will be lodgers, leading to blockage. 

  • Food Scraps 

Like cooking oil, food scraps can also lead to blockage in your drainage system. It is the same thing for coffee grounds. 


Blocked drains will occur for various reasons. Some are obvious, but others are things you don’t think of. So, when you experience tell-tale signs like slow draining, gurgling noises, and foul smells, use recommended home remedies. If they don’t work, call Lexity plumbing to help unblock your drain. You don’t have to suffer alone; the plumbing company will unblock your drain immediately.


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