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Benefits of Timber Frames For Buildings


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Timber frames are not only a traditional and well used option when constructing a property, they also provide a huge range of benefits which are difficult to ignore. In recent years we have seen a move away from timber by some construction firms, mainly due to the rising costs of the material. 

With this being said, any timber stockist will tell you that sales are still not far away from where they have been, mainly because there is no getting around the clear benefits which using timber can bring. Here is exactly why this is still the preferred option for architects and construction firms. 

Insulation and Energy Efficiency 

Whilst we have seen a huge range of advancements in building materials over the years, one thing our ancestors certainly understood was timber’s ability to insulate. In the modern age we also have a great need in construction to build homes which are energy efficient, and this is another great characteristic of timber. 

Solid Durability 

Assuming that the quality of the wood used in timber frames is high, durability is another good benefit of using this material. We only need to look at the quality of some ancient buildings which are still standing, to truly understand just how durable this material can be. 


Working with timber on site is incredibly easy, especially given that it is such a flexible material. If a piece is too long or needs to be adapted, timber can be cut or shaved down with ease, right there on the building site. The same cannot be said for metals which are used for frames. Additionally if the construction team feels that they need to add strength, they can easily use an extra piece of timber on the weak area to support. 

Ecological Benefits 

Despite what many believe, there is no doubt that timber is a sustainable and ecologically-friendly material. This can be said for a number of reasons; firstly it is a renewable material which can be recycled in the future if needed, secondly because whilst it does come from tree removal, the amount of energy required is far less than you would find in the production of many metals. Finally it is a non-toxic material which doesn’t release any toxic chemicals into the air. 

Plenty of Variation 

There isn’t much which you cannot do when it comes to timber and this again is why it is often the preferred choice. A timber stockist can deliver any shape, size, color or texture for the frame which has been designed, which again cannot be said about other materials which we see used in construction. Manufacturers are able to deliver timber which has been made to measure with ease, ensuring that the architect is able to have great freedom when it comes to their designs. 

We may have largely moved away from designing whole homes with timber, but there is no doubt that timber frames and the many benefits they offer, are certainly here to stay. 

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