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Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and is fast becoming one of the world’s leading urban destinations. Our guide is here to help you decide if Edinburgh is the right place to relocate!

Edinburgh is a quiet city that doesn’t really try to wrap your head around all of its histories, although there’s plenty of it for you to overpower. From the Royal Mile to Princes Street and the rest of the city center, Edinburgh is free from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The new town with its solemn architecture and the old town with its large parks provide a nice contrast to the city.

Edinburgh is one of the best places to go if you are looking for culture, good food and of course a good drink. Over the years the shopping has gotten better with new stores opening all the time.

Edinburgh is a place that offers a number of actionable attractions to look out for. The city takes you on a journey of its two facets, its elegant history, and its vibrant present, bringing more life to the place. Edinburgh’s dominant past can still be seen in the ancient structures and impressive towering buildings that tell of its long history. There is much more to see and discover here

The city center is divided into two parts. North of Princes Street is the elegant neoclassical New Town, built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries to improve conditions in the city. South of Princes Street, opposite the beautiful Princes Street Gardens, lies Old Town, a maze of narrow streets and alleys haunted by the ghosts of Edinburgh’s seedy past and the inspiration for the famous Dr. Jekyll and Stevenson’s Mr. Hyde was. This medieval high-rise apartment building in Manhattan stretches from the Castle to the Palace of Holyrood House. Above the palace is Edinburgh’s largest and most impressive extinct volcano, Arthur’s Seat, which offers a perfect view of the city. It’s an authentic piece of the wild mountain just a stone’s throw from the city center. We recommend checking out Midlothian homes for sale if you are considering moving to this area.

Walking tours are the best way to explore Edinburgh’s unspoiled beauty. There are many ways to add interest to these fascinating Edinburgh walking tours Revealed many hidden facts.

Edinburgh is connected to an extensive canal rail network that connects every corner and places nearby. Therefore, you will have little trouble getting around the city and getting a perfect feel for what Edinburgh has to offer.


Edinburgh is a decent and ideal place for cyclists; the City Council has established off-road and roadside cycle lanes. on the best way to get around the city despite the mountainous terrain. There are many cycle paths in the city and in the surrounding area.


Public transport is generally good and efficient. There are two major bus companies that operate most services in and around the city. Lothian Regional Transport (LRT) uses maroon and white double-decker buses (555 6363, www.lothianbuses.co.uk ) which operate most of the bus services in the city of Edinburgh and Mid and East Lothian. First Edinburgh now operates the same routes with green and yellow buses. It also operates so-called “Barbie” buses, which are pink and easier for parents with children to use. And disabled passengers.

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