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Common Causes of Electrical Fires at Home


Many electrical fire cases occur every year. If there is any tragedy that can cause significant damage, it is an electrical fire. Electrical fire doesn’t spare anything, be it human beings or even metal commodities. When it happens in my home, I will lose all my belongings. Severe loss or damage may occur when there is no electrician near me for a quick response.

It is always hard to rescue people and commodities from a fire tragedy, but some losses may be avoided when there is a professional electrician around when the incident started. Most of the electrical fires in homes are caused by electric heaters. Defects in wiring or electrical appliances also cause some. Below are some of the common causes of electrical fires.

Placing Flammable material near Light Fixtures

Materials such as paper and other liquids such as spirits quickly catch fire. When you place such a material near light fixtures, they heat up and eventually catch fire. That fire may light up other items around, causing a big fire at home that ends up damaging everything and loss of lives. Always keep such things and fluids far away from any light fixtures to prevent them from heating up. Follow the rules given by Mr Glow electrician Repairs.

Overloading Light Fixtures

Every electrical appliance has a maximum voltage that is designed for it. Installing high voltage bulbs into a lamp and other light fixtures that are not designed for it has been the leading cause of electrical fires at home. It is always safe to install a bulb within the recommended voltage.

Some people connect bulbs with a voltage that is not recommended for the light fixtures out of ignorance, and some are also not aware of the consequences. If you are not aware of the correct bulb to buy for your light fixtures, always consult electricians to ensure you are doing the right thing to avoid putting properties and peoples’ lives in danger.

Faulty Electrical Outlets and Aging Appliances

Faulty appliances may include switches and appliance cords. A device with a worn cord can generate a high level of heat. That heat is dangerous as it can ignite other things such as surfaces, curtains, and even rugs. That can be the source of an electrical fire.

It is always important to regularly check your electrical appliances by Mr glow electrician to know whether it is faulty or not. You can also check them to repair any damaged parts. If you cannot do them alone, you can hire an electrician to do it for you.

Extension Cord Misuse

Misuse of any appliance may cause significant problems such as the device being faulty or even cause an electrical fire. Large appliances should not be plugged into an extension cord. If you don’t have a nearby outlet for your appliances, you should have one installed. Misuse of any electrical device may cause significant damage; therefore, ensure you use them for their proper purposes.


Electrical fires have led to the loss of lives and damage of many properties. The primary causes are caused by ignorance from electricians and the users. Ensure you use the right appliance for its true purpose and follow the proper procedure to avoid such incidences. Contact Mr Glow electrician for more safety precautions.

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