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Custom Frameless Shower Doors Are The Future


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If you are looking for a more stylish, durable alternative to your old shower, you might want to consider installing custom frameless shower doors. 

They will not only prevent water from soaking through but also help keep it safe by preventing spills outside of the enclosure or tub area where they’re installed in bathrooms. With these additions, one can enjoy their perfect bath time experience with no worries at all. 

It means less time scrubbing away germs that may have been missed had there never been any barrier between them and whatever was causing an infection on first contact.

The vast majority of shower doors are made from either aluminum or fiberglass, depending on what material is cheaper at any given time. 

There are also three basic types: fully-framed and custom frameless shower doors. This article tackles each set of advantages and disadvantages that must be considered before buying one type over another for your home renovation.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Fully Framed Shower Doors

Framed showers are limited in what they can do. 

The most common type of framed door is one where the panels slide on tracks, but there’s also an inset panel that opens and pivots inside for added convenience when washing up or just using it alone as a bathtub with no shower head feature at all. 

You won’t be able to have either if you want something more extravagant, though. Heavy top frame designs become less popular once your enclosure has grown over six feet tall.


  • The A-frame reduces the risk of shattering. Framed shower doors provide more stability for your glass, and they also have a sleek appearance that makes it hard to miss them in any bathroom décor.
  • For those who are on a budget, shower doors in frames cost less than their frameless counterparts.
  • They are easier to install.
  • Framed shower doors are a great way to ensure that water doesn’t come spilling out of the track, and it also prevents any leaks from occurring.


  • Framed shower doors are a great way to keep your bathroom looking clean and modern, but they have one major drawback: you can’t open them outward.
  • The upkeep of shower doors is not as simple. The metal they are made from can corrode over time because water builds upon it, filth and molds may grow around the frame if you don’t clean it often enough or use harsh chemicals that could damage your health and home’s value.
  • The old framed shower doors are not as popular these days. They’re more outdated than their frameless counterparts, and people in this modern age want something fresh to look at while they take a bath or otherwise get wet.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Frameless Shower Doors

The frameless shower door’s design is perfect for those who want an open, airy feeling in their home without worrying about the expense or hassle of installing traditional window frames. 

They come with either a French opening that has two doors side-by-side and hinges outward (like our sample) which allows natural light from both directions into one room. 

I also found some models had stationary panels while others pivoted off them so you could move between rooms quickly when needed.

The construction of frameless glass doors means more potential for customization, but it also requires a tight seal. 

The added benefits are easier installation with custom looks possible through out-of-the-box options like knee walls and three wall enclosures that provide an open minimalist look without the need to install movers or fabricate anything yourself.


  • You can find a variety of custom styles if you go with frameless shower doors.
  • Frameless shower doors are both stylish and functional. The sleek, frameless design of these showers will have your bathroom looking clean while being very efficient at saving water.
  • Since there is no metal frame, the corrosion risk is gone. It is also easier to clean and maintain because you do not have any hardware for water build-up on your shower door. 
  • Finally, since mold does not like standing in wet areas where it can quickly grow into something unhealthy–these frameless showers are much better at preventing unpleasant smells that come from this type of bacteria.
  • The frameless shower door is the most popular option for today’s bathrooms and will be in high demand.


  • The upfront cost for frameless shower doors is higher than that of their framed counterparts. It’s because thicker glass needs to be used, which accounts for the greater expense and weight on-site installation requires.
  • Leaking is more likely to occur if not installed correctly.
  • More prone to breaking than framed doors. Though it is rare, frameless shower doors are more dangerous and have more chance of breaking.

Break Your Doubts

Consider the advantages and disadvantages first before making the purchase decision for your shower rooms. 

Consider contacting closets and showers experts who can help you decide if this type will work well in your space, as opposed to those without any experience with them or other options available onsite. 

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