Different Types of Shower Heads


When it comes to replacing your shower head there are 7 main different varieties to choose from. Some of these heads are about style, some are about the shower experience which you desire and others are chosen based on maximizing the flow of water which you have in the bathroom. To help you get the right shower head for your bathroom, we take a look at the options and why people like them. 

Standard Fixed Shower Head

The most common heads for bathroom showers is this standard fixed. This head is directly attached to the wall and is very easy to install, not to mention that there are a lot of options in terms of design. The main limitation for this type of head is that it is not very movable. 

Handheld Shower Head

A handheld shower head is great for those who need to sit down whilst showering, and they often feature a wide variety of stream settings. These heads can be a little more challenging to install, as they are usually fitted to existing taps. 

Filtered Shower Head

Those with hard water in their showers can count on filtered shower heads which remove the harsh minerals prior to release. These are handy shower heads which come in a variety of styles and fittings. The main drawback to this head is that you will need to replace the filter quite regularly. 

Waterfall Shower Head

These rain showers are a delight and they pump out plenty of water to fully cover you as you wash. These come in a number of types of mount, and they offer a truly incredible shower experience. The only real complaint with these heads is that they offer very poor water efficiency. 

Massage Shower Heads

For families who enjoy a wide variety of showers, the massage head is the perfect option. These come with a whole host of different settings such as light spray, heavy shower, pump-action and jet stream. Again these don’t deliver good water efficiency but they are very much about enjoying the experience. 

High Pressure Head

If you have issues at home with low pressure then taking bathroom showers can be a bit of a struggle. Thankfully instead of having to install a pump for the whole home, you can remedy this with a high pressure shower. Through the concentration of water coming through the pipes these showers can deliver a stronger stream, helping you to enjoy showering so much more than before. 

Shower Panels

And finally we have all-in-one shower panels which offer a range of shower heads and settings, which you can control from a single dashboard. Mostly these will have a waterfall shower, a separate handheld shower head and a variety of different jets. Whilst these panels are expensive and offer little by way of water efficiency, they are super stylish and provide you and your family with a whole host of options when it comes to taking a shower. 

These are the main shower heads which you will have to choose from when upgrading your shower. 

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