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Effortless Bookshelf Decor Ideas


When you are decorating or redecorating a house people purchase many pieces of furniture. They get a lot of attention and mention but there are a few items like the bookshelf which though not among the central focus adds to the decor. It perfectly adds to the decor of the living room, home office or any other space. Bookshelves are not only used to organize books but can also be used to decorate items like picture frames, awards and other accomplishments. Read below to learn more about the advantages of using bookshelves and also some bookshelf decor ideas. 

Advantages of using Bookshelves

Books are an important part of life as it contains a wealth of knowledge and information. Earlier a bookshelf was limited to the library or a study room but these days, it has become fashionable to display their collection of books. Here are some of the advantages of having a bookshelf at home. 

  • Utilize Space

Storage space is a problem in many houses as most urban spaces are cramped. Hence it becomes imperative that any available space is utilized properly. That helps to improve the floor space and also arrange and organize things properly without looking cluttered. 

  • Add as many Shelves as you want

Bookshelves not only help to organize things and store them appropriately it also saves invaluable floor space. Wooden shelves which are considered ideal for their durability and long-lasting nature can have as many or as few shelves as you want. 

  • Adds to the Charm

The books you store have a story to tell, these stories depend on the kind of books that you display. The bookshelves come in many different types and based on the decor of your living room, you can choose to have one. These like the Java coffee table add to the charm of the other furniture. 

Bookshelf Decoration Ideas

The charm of a bookshelf comes from the items placed on it. An empty bookshelf does not make it aesthetically pleasing but the accessories that go into it make for the style. Here are some decoration ideas:

  • Do not pack in many things: Even a stylish looking bookshelf can look cluttered and ugly if you pack in many accessories on each and every shelf. Instead, resist the temptation of adding many things and instead go for a mix of things. Choose a scheme and colour for vases and use multiple shapes on a shelf instead of a single tone. Try to place items using small to large or large to small and step back and see how it looks. If you like what you see then you have achieved the task of giving it a clean look. 
  • Stack horizontal instead of vertical: By default, all the books in a library or in a home office are stacked vertically. That is because it becomes easy and quick to search for a book especially when there are a whole lot of them. However, if you are using the books for decoration and do not often reach out to them then you can switch from vertical to horizontal. Stack the books horizontally by placing the largest book on the bottom. To add more texture and make it more interesting, add a few vertical rows of books. These can be those that you like to refer to every now and then. 
  • Decorate Shelves with Awards or mementoes: A bookshelf doesn’t have to be stacked with only books; it can be used to display objects that have a meaning for you. It can also be something that can make you nostalgic and bring back fond memories. One can use it to show off your treasured collections like the awards, mementoes of you or your family, souvenirs from your travel, artwork, family picture frames and more. To make the display more interesting add books that can be a pedestal for your mementoes. 
  • Add accents: There are many ways to make the bookshelves more interesting and among them hanging artwork or other wall decor is one of them. These can act as statement pieces that can add to the overall decor of the space. Though large oversized pieces can make a huge impact, even the smaller multiple pieces of artwork also work. 
  • Display your glass collections: Bookshelves are versatile pieces of furniture that can not only be used to store books but if you are short of space you can be used to store your kitchenware. Ensure that the utility pieces in your kitchen are in a closed cabinet but display your glassware collection, china or your silver in the bookshelves.
  • Leave it near empty: There are many stylish bookshelves that can be left empty with just a flower vase placed which makes the space perfect. Instead of using this to display items or books, the bookshelf itself can act as a display piece. That can be done by buying a bright coloured shelf and storing very few items instead of cluttering with all the nick-nash present in your house. 
  • Place indoor plants: The best and the fastest way to add a stylish makeover to your living room or for that matter any space is to place a plant. Shelves are the best platform to showcase your indoor plant collection. Look for a Wilde Bookshelf online which acts as a perfect platform for your plants. These can be of many varieties, shapes and sizes and can perk up the shelf with books and other accents. Devil’s ivy, chain of hearts, Philodendron, spider plant and string of pearls are some of the indoor plants that are ideal to be placed on bookshelves. When it comes to arranging indoor plants there are no set rules, follow your heart and choose what suits your space and style. 

Bookshelves are a charming piece of furniture that should be present in every home irrespective of whether you have a huge book collection or not. Follow the above bookshelf decor ideas and display not only your books but also other artefacts like mementoes, souvenirs, picture frames, artwork and more. If you are looking for affordable, high quality, but stylish bookshelves visit Wakefit. They have a variety of products that can suit any decor.

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