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Experience the Luxury Homes of Rancho Santa Fe, California – Buy a Home Today 


In 2002, Rancho Santa Fe was named the wealthiest town in the U.S. The small neighborhood has hundreds of luxurious homes that provide the feel of rural living amidst a bustling, urban-like setting. As a San Diego, California suburb, Rancho Santa Fe offers some of the best amenities for its residents. One of its main attractions is the neighborhood golf course. The golf course has been the venue for the Crosby Clambake, a tournament where celebrities, businesspeople, and pro golfers meet. Are you interested in a luxury home in Rancho Santa Fe? Here is what you need to know:

Living in a Neighborhood with Rules

The suburb has rules – the Protective Covenant. These rules keep the neighborhood safe and allow the residents to enjoy the rural feel. They are the guidelines the real estate market follows to ensure everyone feels at home. For the residents, privacy is important. Most houses sit on at least two acres of land, so each home has enough space between the next home to offer enough privacy.

Most homes are Mediterranean, Spanish, or ranch-style. Before constructing a new home, the Art Jury must approve it to ensure that it meets the guidelines set in the Protective Covenant. New homes have to ensure the privacy of already existing homes.

Spacious Homes in a Luxurious Neighborhood

The luxury homes in Rancho Santa Fe are spacious. Compared to homes in New York City and other areas, you will get homes with more rooms and more space at the price of smaller homes. Even better, the outdoor space is also sizable, further adding to the rural feel of the homes. Most homes feature open and airy floor plans with enough windows in every room. Homeowners will enjoy the San Diego sunlight in their homes. There are no streetlights in the area. You have the view of the moon and the stars better in the darkness.

To further enhance the rural feel, the outdoor living spaces continue the indoor space – especially the pool and pergolas. Pergolas are popular to create a space ideal for dining after enjoying time in the pool. Further, most homes have fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and bar areas.

A Competitive Real Estate Market

Average home prices in Rancho Santa Fe are about $5.5 million. The price has risen in the past few years. The price is higher than homes in other areas, but the amenities, the rules, and the size of the land on which the homes sit make the price worth it. Homes here sell in just over a month.

Rancho Santa Fe is an exclusive neighborhood of people who love privacy. As a suburb in San Diego, residents in Rancho will have access to several urban conveniences. The area is free of home mail delivery to enhance the rural feel further. Residents can enjoy 26 miles of hiking trails.

Are you thinking about moving to a luxury neighborhood in San Diego? There are several homes for sale in Rancho Santa Fe. Talk to Sonja Huter, who understands the community, its rules, and its unique homes. Call today and explore the homes on sale. 

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