Handy Looks at The Best Coffee Gifts Ideas for Enthusiasts



According to Handy, coffee lovers cannot start their day without having a fine cup of coffee. If you have a friend who has tried almost every variety of coffee and you want to give them a gift on a special occasion, there is no need for you to think too much.

The Gifts

Here are some of the best coffee gift ideas for enthusiasts:

  1. Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – Sometimes, you brew a cup of coffee and there remains some extra that you don’t want to throw away while other times, you might have a cup of coffee on top of your desk that you forget to drink when you drink. Now, this results in the coffee getting cold and all coffee enthusiasts would inform you that a cup of their favorite drink is only worth drinking if it is scalding.

Fortunately, a neat solution to that problem is to use a coffee mug warmer and Mr. Coffee mug warmer is one of the best available on the market since it can warm up a cup of cold coffee within two minutes.

  1. Krups GX336D50 Coffee Grinder – Although pre-packaged coffees can taste well, they cannot hold a candle to full flavor, aromatic freshly ground coffee beans. And, for many coffee enthusiasts, freshly ground coffee beans are the only option. The best grinders on the market offer a super silent and super-efficient coffee grinding experience and the Krups GX336D50 coffee grinder is a cut above the rest with its excellent storage lid, removable stainless steel grinding bowl, and large capacity. In fact, it can grind twelve cups of coffee beans in just fifteen seconds.
  2. Yeti Rambler – Wouldn’t it be awesome if your coffee could remain warm for hours after you pour it into a container? Fortunately, the yeti rambler is a product that makes that dream possible. It’s a great gift for coffee enthusiasts that love to carry their coffee anywhere they go and drink coffee on the go when they are out without having to worry about the drink getting cold after a few hours.

Since the Yeti Rambler comes with a double-wall vacuum insulation, it is designed to keep the drink inside it at a specific temperature. Thus, you can also carry your iced coffee within it to keep it cold for hours.

  1. PowerLix Milk Frother– Coffee enthusiasts love store-made coffee due to its irresistible froth which is a challenge to replicate when making coffee at home. That’s where the PowerLix Milk Frother comes in since it allows coffee lovers to replicate the same foamy, delicious froth available at your favorite cafe.

The PowerLix Milk Frother is available in a variety of colors and would allow you to create frothy milk in just 15 to 20 seconds. And, since the device is powered by batteries, there is no need to search for a plug-in and you can easily carry it around with you since it’s lightweight.


Handy suggests you gift your friend who loves coffee any of the gifts mentioned above in the article. All of them are viable products for coffee lovers and would please them greatly.


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