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Home Maintenance Guide: 3 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Windows


If you’re like most homeowners, you’ve probably though about the best way to maintain your property to ensure that it retains its value and remains a great place to stay. Window maintenance is an essential element to any cleaning or home maintenance routine, yet many homeowners often make mistakes when cleaning their windows. In this post, we take a closer look at some window maintenance tips and help you dispel any misconceptions you might have about the chore. 

Window Maintenance Tips

While it may seem like a relatively mundane chore, there can actually be many aspects to window maintenance. Proper window maintenance takes care of not just the functionality of the window, but also its appearance. Here are three simple tips to help you with your window maintenance:

1. Routinely Inspect Your Windows 

Before you can even repair your windows, you must first inspect them regularly. Doing so can help you identify any flaws in your windows which may affect their long-term functionality, such as cracks or leaks. In general, you should consider performing an inspection on your windows every six months to one year.

In addition, remember to inspect your windows after adverse weather events, such as heavy storms and hurricanes. These phenomena have the potential to cause severe damage to windows, such as cracks. If you spot any cracks, be sure to replace them to prevent them from becoming safety hazards in the future.

2. Clean Your Windows Regularly

Many homeowners do not realise that window cleaning is crucial if you want to have flawless looking windows. Without regular cleaning, dirt and grime may build up on the surface of your windows, tarnishing them. Over time, this can cause them to lose their shine and may make your property look old and run-down.

Thus, it can be a good idea to add window cleaning to your regular cleaning routine. Windows are delicate and regular, off-the-shelf rags and cleaning detergents may cause irreversible damage. It is recommended for you to use specialised window cleaning supplies when dealing with windows. 

3. Lubricate the Tracks and Hinges

As long as your windows can open, it is likely that they are operated by a sort of track or hinge system. Either way, it is important that you remember to lubricate them regularly. This ensures that they can open and close as intended, avoiding a loss of functionality as your windows age. 

Before lubricating any window tracks or hinges, remember to clean them first using brushes or dusters. This ensures that the lubricant you use does not coagulate and jam your hinges or tracks. 

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