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How To Keep the House Clean 24/7


Home is where the heart is. A clean, tidy home promotes health, relaxation and ignites inspiration. An average homemaker spends at least one hour cleaning the home. However, as people get busy with work, raising children, and other activities, the home can be neglected. Stainless steel legs can turn from an attractive piece to an unrecognizable masterpiece.

Learning how to keep the home tidy may seem like a no-brainer. However,a week after your thorough cleaning ends,its status tells that you need to learn some simple tips to lessen your work.

  1. Invest in doormats

Place doormats at the front and back doors to reduce the amount of dirt trailing into the house. As people get in and out of the house, shoes carry debris, grime, and dirt that can make the floor dirt soon after cleaning. A doormat provides a place for everyone to wipe off all loose dirt from shoes.

  1. Groom our pets often

Pets are a lovely company and members of the family. However, they can bring all sorts of dirt into the home if not groomed daily. Short-haired fur in cats and dogs can attract dust that slowly builds up in the home. Brush them daily and bath them weekly to enhance hygiene.

  1. Keep storage boxes handy

Every home has its clutter. Dedicate storage boxes in strategic places and label the type of items to be stored in them. Labeling helps family members to find items quickly. You can have built-in storage boxes or dual-purpose hide-outs. For instance, the shoe rack can have a place for storing polish, gels, and brushes, and rags.

  1. Dust! Dust! Dust!

When layers of dust accumulate for days on end, you get a full day of cleaning a house with tired, aching muscles. Take a moment or two and dust the surfaces in the home. Dusting keeps the home spic and span and keeps dirt down.

  1. Invest in organizers

Looking for remote control everywhere in the house can be a daunting task. Looking for a misplaced sock or scarf can be overwhelming and frustrating. It also makes the house untidy.

Invest in a few organizers for various house times. A receptacle for separating dirty and clean clothes, a remote control organizer, hangers for hats, shawls, and coats can help you keep your home tidy every day.

  1. Organize coffee tables

Coffee tables attract a lot of clutter because they are placed at convenient places. Make it a habit to keep only essential items on the table. Also, clean it as often as possible.

  1. Don’t Shove things into the drawer

After the first cleaning exercise, the house is spic and span. However, strewing items around can make it a junk room! Do not shove clothe items, furniture, and all in the drawer or junk room. Instead, place them in the appropriate storage box or drawer.

  1. Tidy up as often as possible

Make it a habit to tidy the living room before you retire to bed. Cleaning up before bed makes you feel settled and on top of things when you wake up the next day. When you wake up, make your bed, and while in the kitchen, sweep the floor wipe away smudge and surfaces.

Tidying the home is a daily activity. Place items in their appropriate places, use organizers, and dust daily to reduce the amount of work you need to keep your neat.

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