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Ideas for Kid-Friendly Wall Murals


When decorating a child’s bedroom, wallpaper is a common choice. It’s a versatile tool that can achieve various styles with minimal effort. Modern wall murals come in different types and prices, and the designs are a huge step above what was previously available. 

If you want to stand out from the crowd, a mural on your wall is the way to go. The demand for murals on walls is growing, and there are now many mural artists who focus on creating children’s wall murals. Depending on your needs and preferences, murals can be as basic or intricate as you’d want. 

A mural can make your kid’s room into a special place for them. It has the potential to transform the space into one that is inviting, calming, intriguing, and even instructive. 

Do you think it’s a good idea to hang artwork on your walls? If that’s the case, read for some advice on murals for kids’ rooms.

Single Vs. All-Encompassing Rooms Murals

One-wall murals are perfect for drawing attention to a specific area of a room. If you want to focus your child’s attention on a particular site of the room, such as when hanging an educational mural like letter or number blocks, this is the way to go. 

Meanwhile, an immersive mural is a way to provide your kid with a truly unique visual experience. If you want to create an environment that takes him to his favorite destination, this is the way to go. This is since no matter where in the room he looks, he will be confronted with things that are somehow connected to the theme chosen.

Wallpaper Vs. Painted Murals

Murals are painted on walls in the traditional sense. Murals or wallpapers larger than standard wallpaper sheets are now widely available. 

The question is, which one should you pick? How much you are willing to spend is a significant factor here. Murals printed on the wallpaper are more cost-effective than painting the walls yourself. This is because hiring a muralist may be pretty pricey. Installing wallpaper murals in your child’s room is a quick and easy option if you’re in a rush.

Neutral Vs. Gender-Specific Murals

The process of settling on a mural design is one of the most challenging aspects of this assignment. Because of all the choices, many parents feel lost. Selecting whether you want gender-neutral or gender-specific wall art might help you limit your options. 

Neutral colors and patterns are a designer’s go-to for a nursery wall mural. This way, you can retain the items for years, or at least until your child is old enough to decorate their own space. Avoiding yearly redesigns helps keep costs down. 

When your child prefers one gender over another, you may easily transition to a design tailored to that gender. Your child’s room preferences will change as he progresses from preschool to middle school. Therefore, he should be a part of the mural creation process. 


Adorning a room with adorable murals, like animal wallpaper, is a simple way to give your child a special place in your home. A piece of wall art may provide a room with a sense of individuality that a neutral color scheme couldn’t. Your kid’s room will look more sociable, and their creativity will flourish.


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