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Looking to Hire Commercial Waterproofing Companies? Three Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Company


As a commercial building owner, you may be looking to hire commercial waterproofing companies to help waterproof your stairs, the deck of a pool area, the area surrounding a restaurant or even the floor of your commercial business. As you look to hire a company, you may start researching companies, and they may all appear to be similar. This may leave you wondering what exactly you need to look for in a great company and how you can differentiate one company from another. By asking three questions, you can hone in on a great company to hire for your businesses waterproofing needs. 

Are You Fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured? 

Any time you are looking to hire any type of contractor, you always want to ask if they are fully licensed, bonded and insured. A reputable company will be licensed, bonded and insured. Always avoid companies who are not licensed, bonded and insured, as it can be hard for you to go after the company if they damage your business or if they simply take your deposit and run off. In addition to asking this question, you can verify with the city or county if a company’s license is indeed valid and you can ask them who they can their bond and insurance through and how much they are bonded for. 

Can You Minimize Disruptions to My Commercial Business? 

Another important question to ask if you need a waterproofing company to help your business is what steps they can take to minimize disruptions to your commercial business. Can they work after your normal business hours? Can they work on the weekends? Can they work early in the morning when business is slow? You want to lessen the impact as much as possible to your guests or patrons. Finding a business who can accommodate you is important. 

How Much Experience Do You Have Waterproofing and Can I Talk to Past Clients? 

Finally, you want to ask how much experience a company has with waterproofing and whether you can talk to past clients who have used the company. As you talk to past clients, ask if the company completed the work on time, if there were any issues getting the work completed, and if the work has held up since they had their project completed. 

While there are many waterproofing companies out there that can help you with your commercial waterproofing needs, not every company is the same, and not every company is ideal for your business. Taking the time to ask each of these questions and then getting estimates will help you find a company that fits within your budget and is a great fit for your needs.


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