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Mark Roemer Oakland Explores Modern Features That Will Help Sell Your Home This Year



According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the best way to improve the value of a property that you want to sell is to install modern features that appeal to your potential buyers. Every potential buyer is different, and they may look for many different criteria before coming to a purchase decision. However, it cannot be denied that if you install the correct modern features that are trending in the current market, you can improve your chances of selling your property this year.

The Features

Here are a few modern features that you can implement in your home to sell your home this year:

  1. Energy-efficient appliances and windows – Energy-star qualified energy-efficient windows and appliances prevent undesirable loss of heat and energy wastage that help to reduce electricity bills and save more money. Thus, if you fit your home with energy-star qualified washing machines, dishwashers, clothes dryers, and other such appliances, it can become easier to convince potential buyers to book your property.

Energy-efficient windows can further seal the deal since they reduce undesirable heat gain and heat loss inside the home.

  1. A security system – Potential buyers are much more likely to purchase a home that comes with a pre-built security system. A good security system includes smart doorbells, security alarms, and security cameras that constantly monitor the premises and keep the homeowners informed of any irregularities. Security systems have become cheaper and modern security systems come with many exciting features that can help you secure your home, especially if you live in a less than appealing neighborhood. 
  1. Outdoor lighting – Exterior lighting can serve you a lot of bonus points even before the buyers step foot inside your home due to the appealing aesthetics it offers. Plus, it offers an additional layer of security that can deter unwanted people from doing unwanted jobs. In fact, you can install motion-sensor lights outside your home that only activate and light up when they detect any movement. Other options include walkway lights, pendant lights, and spotlights.

A properly lit and designed exterior lighting can make your patio look much more attractive during the night-time. They can be powered through the mains or through solar technology. 

  1. Underfloor heating – Underfloor heating can become the key selling feature of your home if you live in a region that experiences harsh winter months. There is nothing more satisfying than getting out of bed on a chilly winter morning and feeling the warm hug of the floor on your feet.
  2. A downstairs toilet – It is hard to believe that many home buyers are looking to purchase houses that have an additional downstairs toilet. The ideal location for a downstairs toilet is beside the laundry room or within an additional utility room. However, some people prefer to convert the extra space under the stairs into a small downstairs bathroom.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you install all the modern features you can afford when remodeling your house. It can not only improve the overall value of your property but make it eligible for an easy sale as well.

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