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Merbau Vs Cypress Pine Timber


No matter what work you are undertaking in the home, if it needs timber, you have to make sure that you invest in the right kind. This is not just about making sure that the timber is fit for the job, but also that it promises all of the correct qualities which you need. This means a timber that is easy to work with, that is strong enough, that potentially needs to be heat or fire-resistant, and which is durable. All of these characteristics are important when undertaking the building of a new structure, a fence, or even timber decking.

Before you head to a timber stockist, you should have a rough idea of what it is that you are looking for. Two of the most common choices here are Merbau and Cypress pine, so let’s weigh up the differences between the two.

What Is Merbau?

Merbau timber is a beautiful hardwood that comes from the Kwila tree, found right here in Australia. The timber can also be found in Fiji and Samoa, but the majority of Merbau sold here comes from domestic trees. Merbau timber can be used in all manner of projects from decking to furniture and even for some structures like sheds. This particular timber is loved because of its clear natural beauty, offering orange and brown hues with a dark finish and unique knots.

What is Cypress Pine?

Cypress pine timber is a softwood and a member of the pine family. The timber comes from the Callitris Glaucophylla, a native tree to Australia. This is a timber that is very easy to work with, it is low cost and it is remarkably strong given its softwood nature. The color of the cypress pine timber is light to dark brown, with a straight grain and a slightly oily finish.

Common Uses For Each

Merbau timber is often used for flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, fencing, and even for musical instruments. Its hardwood and anti-fungal properties make it a great option for outdoor use, not to mention its beautiful finish.

Given the strong yet lightweight nature of cypress pine timber, we see it used in the building of boats, doors, seating, outdoor furniture, and basic structures like sheds, bridges, and piers. We do see some outdoor use for cypress pine such as fencing and some furniture and pagodas.

Which Is The Best?

It is tough to say which is the best between these choices because they offer such remarkably different properties. Other than use in fencing and the construction of outdoor furniture, there aren’t too many projects which would see you forced to choose between these two options.

Before you decide on which timber is right for you, always speak to the team at your nearest timber stockist who will be able to give you some solid options. It will then be up to you to weigh up how much money you have to spend, what characteristics you want in the timber and how much of it you will need. Both Merbau and cypress pine are great options, depending on the job which you are about to undertake.

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