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Monaco may be small in size with a limited number of real estate transactions a year, however the number of agencies competing for these sales is high and it is very important to choose the right agency carefully. Fraser Richardson is a Monaco real estate agent who also has years of in-depth marketing and business administration training. He graduated top of his cohort at Oxford Brookes University with a First Class Honour degree classification in Business & Marketing Management. After graduating Fraser has worked in various multinational companies with a specialisation in marketing communications and sales. His experiences have led him to becoming a property broker, as he felt his communications background has given him the needed skills to sell or rent properties on a global scale. 

Whenever Fraser takes on a new property to market he will create a bespoke marketing plan to ensure the correct and targeted exposure is given in order to reach the niche audience for that specific type of property. A penthouse apartment in Monaco with sea views and services has a different audience to a studio apartment that would act as somebody’s work address whilst in the Principality. Finding the audience is where the marketing experience takes precedence. 

When choosing a Monaco property broker it is important to find one that is well informed about the current market conditions and the prices in the various districts. This will then help the client to have the best possible information so that they can make an informed decision with regards to what they buy. 

Some people like to choose a Monaco real estate agent that has the ability to work with a global network of offices, this is so that if they choose to, the client can look at properties in other locations. A lot of the time when a client buys a property in Monaco they will also then look to purchase a property in France too. This is when instructing a French Riviera property finder can become a useful solution. Fraser Richardson is based in the Monaco office, however he also has access to the offices on the French Riviera and Alps too, as well as access to contacts in over 600+ offices worldwide. 

Choosing a Monaco property broker can seem a difficult choice when there is such a large variety of agencies. Savills global network and long history of professionalism and the unquestioned dedication of their local multilingual team, should help you make the right choice. One thing that is important for the Monaco real estate agency is to be transparent whenever possible to ensure the client is in full trust of the process. The team at Savills have created an in depth buying guide that will help inform the client of the various and often foreign seeming process of acquiring a property in the Principality. 

Depending on whether you want to buy, sell or rent, Savills Monaco has built a strong reputation over the past 10 years which has positioned them as experts in this market. You just need to pick up the phone and call to find out more about the current Monaco market conditions. The team is used to dealing with the highest levels of discretion, understanding that many clients want to remain as private as possible when investing in the Principality. The caliber of property listed by Savills Monaco is at the prestige end of the scale, investment is made to ensure high quality photography is taken and visits are made with one of their multi-lingual team members. 

If you would like to talk to a Monaco property broker, please contact Fraser Richardson, go to for more information. 


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