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Sea Facing Flats in Mumbai: Dream House of a Mumbaikar


Have you ever thought about what it can be like to come home after a long day and be welcomed by the fresh breeze and the sight of the sparkling blue sea? This is a cherished dream of many home buyers in Mumbai, and it is possible if you have a sea-facing flat in Mumbai

Areas in South Mumbai such as Mahalaxmi, Worli, Cuffe Parade, and many others are full of sea-facing flats that offer magnificent sea views. Having a sea-facing home in Mumbai is aspirational not just for the views but the elite luxury and opulence it signifies. 

Splendid surroundings

There is no doubt that living in an apartment that faces the serene blue sea is the perfect example of nature’s beauty. Imagine seeing the sun rising or setting on the waves, day in and day out! What could possibly be more calming than such a view? And with a sea-facing apartment, you can not only enjoy this brilliant sight every day but also the fresh ocean air which can help you stay healthy.

Additionally, sea-facing apartments are built to ensure that every apartment gets a clear view of the sea. Hence, you need not worry about any other buildings or distractions coming between you and this wonderful scenery. 

Classy infrastructure

If you have looked for a sea-facing flat in Mumbai, you may have realised that they are more expensive compared to apartments in other parts of the city. This is because homes with sea views are quite exclusive and apart from offering a view of the deep blue sea, they also offer a host of world-class amenities. 

For example, the residential development itself can have facilities such as private lawns, a swimming pool, gardens, a clubhouse, and more! 

Moreover, the privacy offered by such residential developments is unparalleled. Though a sea-facing home in Mumbai can be located in one of the busiest parts of the city, you will be shielded from all the hustle and bustle outside.

A higher standard of living

Owning a sea-facing flat is surely more than just having a home. Considering how much these homes cost and what they have to offer, homebuyers looking for a better standard of living can consider apartments with a sea view. 

In addition to offering luxury and beauty, developments in such locations are also conveniently connected to the rest of the city as well as all-important business centres, with easy access to essential facilities such as healthcare and education and much more.

Therefore, the high costs of living in a sea-facing flat in Mumbai can be easily justified through the convenience it offers in terms of accessibility and connectivity. 

Better choice of investment

While offering the benefits of a luxurious life, a sea-facing home also presents a great investment opportunity. Buying a new home in a good locality is, no doubt, an investment. However, in the case of sea-facing apartments, the investment value of the apartment increases multi-fold because of the prime location of the development.

It is easy to understand the investment value of such an apartment by studying the locality. In fact, the demand for a sea-facing flat in Mumbai is so great that most Mumbaikars either seek sea-facing apartments as their first option or make it their second home.

With many potential homebuyers seeking to make a sea-facing flat in Mumbai their new home, reputed real-estate projects like Piramal Mahalaxmi by Piramal Realty are keeping pace with the trend and offering 2,3 and 4 BHK sea-facing apartments in Mahalaxmi. 

If you are also looking for a suitable sea-facing flat in Mumbai, then start your search today!

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