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Solar Panel and Its Importance During this Time of Crisis       


Around the world, COVID-19 has impacted a million lives and severely disrupted global businesses as well. Experts observed that this large-scale pandemic has uncovered certain weaknesses in the solar industry notably in Australia, Asia and the Pacific. And this is so because according to experts, the renewable energy sector has no immunity against the virus and as such, solar photovoltaic systems are definitely vulnerable. But they assure users of ways to strengthen it so that green energy can continue to be of value in this time of crisis.

When the pandemic started, the whole world practically came to a halt, delaying the transport of edible goods, medical supplies, construction materials, and a lot more. The solar industry likewise experienced prolonged delays in the importation of solar PV modules and other related supplies.

Yet in spite of this, studies show that the use of solar energy continues to grow. You’re lucky if you’re engaged in a solar inverter repair business during this time of crisis as most likely, your clients won’t stop availing your services should the need arise.

How Solar Panels Have Become Important Amidst the Pandemic

Increased Power Output with Less Air Pollution

During the pandemic shutdowns when people were required to stay at home, when trade and economic activities were suspended, and the land, sea and air transport sector was somewhat restricted, the skies noticeably became clearer as an upshot of reduced levels of air pollution.

In a particular study in India, researchers noted that those ‘pollution-free’ skies made a measurable impact on the energy production from solar photovoltaic panels which meant an eight per cent increase in the power output from solar panel installations.

Researchers further say that this was quite surprising as this was their first study on validating and quantifying solar installations around the world. In general, it would be hard to come up with a calculation when you have a background of natural variations in solar panel output affected by clouds and dust remaining on the panels.

This surprising result shows that solar panels become more efficient at all times with increasing utilisation of solar energy. With this, power generation using fossil fuel that produces air pollution will hopefully be displaced.

Now, we can guess what could happen in the future if greenhouse gas emissions continue to be reduced on a global scale. Perhaps, half of the world’s population is going to start using solar panels!

Solar Panels for Cleaner Energy

In another development, a highly respected shopping industry giant in the Philippines has announced that the arrival of the coronavirus made their leaders think that it would be good to push for the development of renewable sources rather than invest in coal-fired power plants.

The company has invested in solar panels for almost a decade now. Where the global trend is toward cleaner energy and lower carbon footprints, there can be no other ideal way than to use solar panels.


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