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Some of the Reasons Why You Should Buy Real Cowhide Rugs –


Introduction –

One of the most fantastic accessories which you can get for any space, living room, bedrooms, halls etc. is a rug. Another most important thing is the print of the rug, which can either give a warm welcoming feeling in a room or a cool impression. Also, it is highly believed by people that a real cowhide rug is the apt choice for any rooms. And, if you have set your heart for one and are thinking of buying one, then you should know few things about the cowhide rugs. Firstly, it is important for people to know what is a cowhide rug. Plus, if you know what is a cowhide rug, then also this is a useful guide as you will know about two or three new things. A cowhide can be described as a hide of a cow. In the rug, the skin and hair are fully removed & then it is treated expertly, so that it can be preserved in the finest conditions.

Unique Rugs –

Also, you should know that cowhide rugs are one such items of the interior design that is very old. The cowhide rugs are decorated on the floors, walls of cavemen’s houses, which was 1000 years ago & it was also used on the bed too for warmth. Now, many of you would think, why should you buy a cowhide rugs, when there are other different kinds of rugs available. The first and the foremost reason to buy a cowhide rug is that they are unique. You can get cowhide rugs in variety of colours and beauty in every single piece of rug, which is sui generis (unique). No two cows are born with identical patterns on their skin and, so you will not get any rug that is identical or matching.

Hypoallergenic Rugs –

Also, when you buy a cowhide rug, you will be guaranteed that you own a unique piece of rug and there are no rugs of cowhide that, can duplicate it. As the cowhide rugs are 100% natural and they contain no synthetic materials, so they will be less likely to contain any flame-retardant or pesticides that will irk your skin or nose. One of the main benefits of cowhide rugs is that, they do not trap dust like that of synthetic rugs and they don’t get pollens or pet dander on them, which are the two main factors for causing allergic reactions. Cowhide rugs are also durable in nature. They will last much longer compared to other kinds of rugs which are made from the synthetic materials because cowhide rug is made of leather, which is unbelievably more durable.

Easy to Clean –

Another thing, that you should know about the cowhide rugs is that, they do not stain. Its natural hide will naturally repel the stain as both the hair and skin of the cow are designed in such a way to keep them clean. But you should also make sure that you mop out any spills on the rugs, that occurs on the rugs, sooner and your cowhide rugs will stay longer lasting clean. Plus, you can also do simple vacuuming, so that dust or any dirt can be removed, you can also take the rugs out in sunlight, dust it and beat it and shake it to make it look new.

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