Sora Condo Stay Close To Nature in Luxury
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Sora Condo: Stay Close To Nature in Luxury


Situated at 9A Yuan Ching Road in District 22’s lively Jurong Lake District, Sora Condo is one of the sought-after locations to stay.

It came to life after the successful en bloc of Park View Mansions and is now part of a collaboration involving Sing-Haiyi Pearl, TK 189 Development, and CEL Development. They acquired the property for $260 million and transformed it into a luxury condo.

Why Choose Sora Condo?

Sora Condo is one of the best places to live in Singapore and here’s why:

Prime Location

Sora Condo is strategically situated in Lakeside, offering easy access to amenities and enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Trusted Developers

The condo was built by a reputable consortium, including KSH Holdings, Chip Eng Seng, and SingHaiyi. This collaboration ensures a commitment to top-notch quality and innovative design.

Spacious Living

Sora Condo provides expansive floor areas, ensuring that residents enjoy spacious living quarters. This emphasis on space contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable living experience.

Green Living

Sora Condo is designed with integrated green spaces, promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable living experience. This commitment to environmental consciousness adds value to the overall lifestyle.


With plans for four MRT lines and Jurong Lake District by 2035, Sora Condo offers excellent connectivity, making it easy for residents to reach key destinations across Singapore.

Attractive Amenities

Residents can enjoy a variety of amenities, including fitness facilities at SAFRA Clubhouse and water play areas at Jurong Lake Gardens. This array of recreational choices enhances the overall living experience.

Urban Planning

Sora Condo stands out for its urban infrastructure and solutions in the West region. It promises a balance between modern lifestyle and sustainability options.

Employment Opportunities

Proximity to major industrial and business hubs such as Jurong Innovation District, Jurong Lake District, and Tuas Port presents promising employment prospects for residents.

Future Mobility

With plans for multiple rail lines in the next few years, residents can anticipate better transportation solutions. It is expected to significantly reduce commute times.

Choosing Sora Condo means selecting a well-located property, equipped with all the right amenities. It makes an exceptional choice for those seeking a luxury residence close to nature.

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