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The Art of Negotiation: How to Secure Your Dream Home in Capitol Hill


Property sales have stalled, with the number of houses sold this year being one-third less than in 2022. Buyers have seen their budgets reduced by mortgage instability, whereas the seller’s expectations of what their properties are worth are yet to match the current reality. But to break this stalemate, buyers do not always have to make higher offers. They only need to learn the art of negotiation. Here are some key negotiation tips to help you secure your dream home at your price.

Be Your Own Appraiser

A “guide price” is just that. Therefore, research to determine what comparable houses have recently sold for.

Ignore the asking price entirely. Either way, it might not be the agent’s property valuation, as the owner often sets the price.

Determine the Seller’s Position

Understanding why somebody is selling is critical to determining how far you can drive negotiations. Does the property have a mortgage? How long has the property been on the market? What previous offers, if any, have they received?

Make an Attractive, Not Higher Offer

If you have almost maximized your budget, consider how to make your offer stand out. For instance, you can offer a more-than-average money deposit, get a mortgage preapproval, and more. Also, the seller may have a set completion date in mind that you can capitalize on.

Moreover, you can inform your seller why you want to buy their house. A personal touch, such as indicating that this home gives you certain memories or is a gift for somebody close to you, can sometimes go a long way in convincing the seller.

Be Civil Always

Everybody understands that purchasing homes for sale in Capitol Hill is a stressful process, but this does not imply that you cannot maintain good relations. There is no need for rudeness, aggression, or unkindness in negotiations. Most agents will naturally want to help somebody who is kind and does not take it personally.

Know When to Remain Silent

What you do not say during a negotiation matters as much as what you do. Silence is priceless. Staying silent during a conversation can be highly effective. Most real estate agents are people-pleasers who frequently fill awkward silences by sharing extra information or yielding more easily.

Request More Than You Require

While it may feel like a futile tactic, it is worth making a little request, such as asking for a piece of furniture to be included, to compromise later. This strategy will show that you gave ground during the negotiation and solidify your position on the issues you care about.

Be Organized

Looking organized before making an offer shows a seller that you are serious and can follow through on your proposed price and terms. Hire a solicitor, a mortgage application ready to go, and a surveyor scheduled to demonstrate you want to close in fast on the home.

Buy a Capitol Hill Real Estate Today

A home is probably the most expensive thing you will ever purchase, so it is important to learn how to negotiate. But remember, proper price is not the only factor at play. You can request upgrades, or modifications to make your deal a bargain. If you would like to learn more about the art of negotiation or want help making an offer on a home in Capitol Hill, reach out today!

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