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Tips that make your looks wider 


Curious to know about the tips to make your bathroom looks wider. If you are doing so, then no need to search anymore. In this article, I am going to tell you about the ways that will help you to make your bathroom interior aesthetic and give it a more tidy look. 

So let’s have a quick look at ways that work magically for your tinny washrooms. 

Replace the ordinary toilet with corner toilets 

The first and most important way to make your washroom space vast is to replace your ordinary toilet with Kohler corner toilets. These toilets occupy less space. Moreover, these toilets come in different designs and colors. Ultimately you can choose the one that best suits the washroom. 

Always go for vivid and mild colors. 

The addition of a small cupboard and wooden floor to the bathroom provides a spacious look you the bathroom. For further addition to the glow, you may consider light mint-green colors for the walls.

Mirror on the separator  

The placement of a mirror on the small cupboard of the washroom is not suitable if you do so. Ultimately you make your toilet look awful. Moreover, adopting this method gives the vibe that the washroom is packed and has no vacant space. The best alternative is a full-size mirror at any separator of the washroom. 

Small organizer with partition 

A small organizer with many partitions in the washroom helps you to keep toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, body wash, etc., in a single place without creating any mess. In this way, the bathing area looks more organized.  

Bathing towel holders

There should be at least 4 to 5 towels in a bathroom. One towel on any shelf of the bathroom, or if you have a towel holder, then hang the towel on it. Furthermore, the extra towel should be inside the bathroom cupboard. When you follow these tips, you will be surprised to see the difference in the tidiness of the area. 

Take tiles with a smaller size. 

Adding tiles is the standard method to induce impact in the washroom. It can only be used on the floor. In case of the budget is not a concern, then it can be used from ceiling to floor. For the tiny washroom, specifically use ceramic and tiles of smaller size. 

Install a shelf and shower niche 

Install a shelf in the washroom for the proper storage of bathroom accessories like soaps, shampoos, face wash, etc. After installing a shelf, you will see a clear difference in the bathroom. The second option is to add a shower niche to store many bathroom accessories. 

Replace the ordinary full-size sink with the corner sink  

While designing the bathroom, ensure you have replaced your typical full-size sink with an advanced corner sink. The corner sink provides more space for other things in the bathroom. 

Final words 

The main reason that makes any place look fully compact is that you do not place everything in its place, or you do not arrange things according to the requirement of the place. By following the above mentioned methods, you can make your bathroom look wider and more spacious. 


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