Rug for Bedroom

Tips To Select the Right Size Rug for Bedroom


A bedroom is a place where you relax after having a hectic day. And the next morning, the bedroom is a place where you start a new day. Thus, you think of making it more beautiful and elegant so that whenever you relax, you feel a peaceful and calm environment around you. However, a comfortable bed and warm bedding are essential in any bedroom. Thus, you look for rugs or carpets to make the elegance more attractive.

Moreover, while selecting the one, you may be confused about which rug will fit according to the size of your room. Mid century modern rug is the most rug you may find in most houses or even bedrooms. A rug, on the other hand, is another one of those bedroom requirements, bringing both a pleasant and inviting element to your space as well as a grounding element. So, while purchasing, you may consider the following sizes to get the right size rug for your room.

Essential Tips To Select The Correct Size Rug

  1. Living Room

The size of the living room must depend on the room shape and the space it has covered. Moreover, there are mainly three types of layouts. First, furniture legs resting on the rug, second, front legs on the rugs, and third, all furniture off the rug. Thus, the size may vary for the living room area in these cases.

  1. Putting Coffee Table on The Rug

Whether you want to place a rug in the bedroom or the living room, first decide whether to put the rug under the coffee table or not. For this, you may measure the rug size with interior dimensions to get a perfect idea. It will also help in covering all the left spaces properly.

  1. Dining Table

If you want to put the rug under the dining table, then make sure your rug is according to the shape of the dining table. This implies that it should shape so that it covers all the dining room areas. Most people prefer to put a rug under the dining table as it looks good.

  1. Bedroom

Another important place in the home is placing a rug in the bedroom. Placing there gives you a relaxing and comfy feeling after coming home from a hectic day. It provides the bedroom with a defined look with elegance. So, the size must be considered according to the bedroom measurements.


Striped area rug are commonly used in children’s playing rooms or relaxing rooms. Thus, if you look for the correct rug size, you may consider the room’s measurements. Along with this, ensure that the room has enough space.


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