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Top 5 Spring Yard Care Tips


After cold and wild winter weather, here are the top 5 Spring yard care tips to get your lawn back into tip top shape.

1) Clean up debris

Before breaking out the mower, it is important to pick up sticks and pinecones that have fallen from nearby trees. Raking leaves and other debris will give your yard a clean foundation for growth.

2) Get your mower ready

Ensure your mower is well equipped with fresh gas and sharp blades. Mower blades should be sharpened after 20 to 25 hours of mowing, so unless this was done at the end of last season, it should be done now.

Dull blades can result in lawn discoloration from frayed grass edges, the risk of lawn diseases, and less resistance to heat, drought and pests.

3) Mow on high

Once your mower is up to the task, raise the blades to the highest setting and mow on a dry day. Mowing when the grass is still wet will increase the chance of leaving unsightly mud tracks and damaging the lawn.

Keep the mower deck on the highest setting to allow for the blades of grass to get longer and thicken. This will serve two purposes. One, the grass roots will spread deeper and grow healthier grass. Two, the full, thick grass will squeeze out and prevent weeds from taking root.

4) Remove weeds completely

The best way to completely remove weeds is by the root. This involves pulling weeds by hand or using a weed pulling tool to enter deeper into the ground, twist and remove the entire root.

Other options for removing small weeds or for yards overgrown with weeds is a weed killing product. There are many options, ranging from weed and feed pellets that spread weed killing granules, while fertilizing the grass to vinegar-based natural products that are better for the environment.

For a comparison of the top five products, pros and cons for each, and their reviews, check out Best Review’s list of best weed killers.

5) Reseed bare areas

Whether leaves sat on the lawn too long, the yard is patchy from animals or any other number of reasons, you may notice unsightly bare spots. Instead of waiting to see if the lawn fills in, be proactive and find a good quality grass seed to spread on the bare spots.

You will need to look for a grass seed that matches the current grass to avoid a patchy looking mess. You can look up common grasses for your state or look at grass types online.

For a nice comparison of top grass seeds, check out Best Review’s list of best grass seeds. Not only can you see the top products available, but you can compare the benefits of built-in fertilizers, learn how to read the grass seed labels and learn about other considerations for your grass seed needs.


With a little TLC in the Spring, you can bring your yard back to tip top shape and enjoy a lush and green yard for months to come.

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