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Top 5 Things to Do in Greensboro


North Carolina’s third-biggest city may be little known, but it boasts a surprising number of attractions. Greensboro’s diversified setting includes wildlife-filled parks, modern street art, and historic buildings that played crucial roles in the Civil Rights struggle. Whether you want to relocate to a new neighborhood alone or with the family, Greensboro has lots to offer, from treetop treks over the zoo to rock events in little nightclubs. Ensure you work with the Greensboro GA real estate experts Alliance Home & Land Group to make this your new home. Once you move, make the absolute most of your time by scheduling these best Greensboro, North Carolina activities.

  1. Weatherspoon Art Gallery

The Weatherspoon Art Museum, among Greensboro’s major attractions, is situated at the University of North Carolina and has one of the Southeast’s greatest exhibits of contemporary and modern artwork. The museum’s globally acclaimed program comprises around 15 exhibits annually, various educational activities and events for kids and adults, and several art-related publications. The museum’s collection includes about 6,000 works and items spanning all major art trends from the early twentieth century to modern times.

  1. Visit the Benjamin Park’s Bog Garden

A patch of lush wildness rises among the urban environment northwest of the town’s center. Despite its tiny size, Benjamin Park’s seven-acre Bog Garden offers a remarkable location for connecting with nature. A half-mile inclined boardwalk winds between forest and swamp, past a cascading waterfall, trickling rivers, and a lake where blue herons hunt their prey behind gigantic black willows and bare cypress plants. Visit early in the day or later in the afternoon for the greatest chance of seeing wildlife.

  1. Visit the Natural Science Center

The Greensboro Science Center, divided into four distinct areas and has more immersive, kid-friendly, interactive displays than you could shake a fossilized ancient vertebrae at, is undoubtedly the city’s best and most fascinating institution. The collections here are extensive and varied, ranging from the museum with its displays of reptiles and rattlesnakes to the zoo with its dangling gibbons and very rare lemurs. Also, take advantage of the heart-pounding performances at the Time Warner Cable OmniSphere Theater. These shows include incredible three-dimensional movies that solve the secrets of both dinosaurs and black holes!

  1. Explore the Antique Market Place

The Antique Market Place is a classic and antique lover’s paradise! The market has over 150 merchants and exhibitors selling their items. The huge assortment of excellent antiques, collectibles, furniture, and vintage things for sale will thrill treasure seekers and antique connoisseurs. A selection of contemporary furnishings and decorations is also available for individuals wishing to adorn their homes or businesses. The market also offers unique yard sales throughout the year with extraordinary discounts.

  1. Spend time at the Bourbon Bowl

After buying one of the homes for sale in Greensboro, bowling can be an excellent thing to do with family or friends. Strike gold with your loved ones at a bowling alley that is locally owned and run. The facility has six bowling lines available for rent by the hour and creates an unusual atmosphere by retaining most of the original, industrial feel of the structure. When you aren’t bowling, the outdoor café is a great spot to dine or drink, with an incredible fire and water display that spans every inch of the patio.

Greensboro, located in the center of North Carolina, provides arts, humanities, and generations of history; meanwhile, the town’s parks and gardens add peace to an otherwise bustling site. Buying a home in the Greensboro real estate market allows you to explore thousands of opportunities.

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