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Top Swimming Pool Upgrade Ideas


So, you’ve installed the perfect pool and you may be wondering how you can make it even better. There are many innovative features you can add to a pool to enhance the swimming experience and its overall aesthetics. Throughout this article we will share our top pool upgrade ideas to help you decide if these are inclusions you would like for your pool.

LED Lighting

There are two main types of pool lighting, halogen and LED. LED is more popular as they are clean, economical, and longer lasting. Lighting can create a stunning feature in your swimming pool and it allows you to use it safely when the sun goes down. You have the option of white or coloured lighting and you change the settings to alternate the colours. LED lights don’t have the yellow glow that halogen does, so your pool won’t appear green at night. It will emulate the colour your pool is during the day. LED lights are easy to use and a cost-effective way to improve the appearance of your pool area.

Upgrade pool equipment

Upgrading your pool equipment can help your pool to run more effectively. Your pool pump needs to be working for a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per day and it is the biggest energy consumer of all your equipment. Installing an energy saving pump such as solar can significantly reduce the costs associated with running your pool. A solar pump works by harnessing energy from the sun rather than relying on electricity.


If you find that nobody is using your pool when the weather is cold, you could benefit from installing a heating system in your pool. Heating for your pool means no more waiting around for the weather to warm up to use it. It allows you to use your pool whenever you please. There are few different types of heating options on the market, the most popular one being solar. If you aren’t sure which heating option would suit your pool and lifestyle requirements, give your local pool builder a call and they will be able to offer helpful advice on the different systems available and which one might be right to you.

Update your pool fencing

Your pool fence can either add the appeal of your pool area or detract from it. If your pool fencing is drab and outdated it might be time to upgrade. Glass is highly popular as it does not obstruct the view of the pool and it is stylish and modern. It is imperative that your pool fencing meets the national pool fencing standards that are in place to ensure it is safe and compliant. If not, you could be slapped with a hefty fine.

Add a spa

Adding a spa to your pool can take your swimming experience to the next level. It provides a place for the adults to hang out while the kids swim in the pool. They are also great to spend time in as a family when the weather is too cool to swim in the pool. Spas can be added in the construction process or they can be incorporated at a later date.

Smart Cleaning System

For many of us, technology plays a key role in our everyday lives. Smart technology allows people to automate tedious tasks to save them the hassle of having to do it manually. Over the years pool technology has advanced significantly and maintaining your pool has never been easier. Installing a smart cleaning system enables pool owners to take care of every aspect of their pool care from the convenience of their smart device. They can potentially save you a substantial amount of time and money.

Water feature

A water feature can create a beautiful focal point in your backyard. Kids love playing with moving water and it adds another element of fun when they are in the pool. Additionally, the sound of moving water is known to have a therapeutic effect. The design of your water feature is only limited by your imagination.

Spa or swim jets

There are two main types of jets you can install in a swimming pool. They are:

Spa jets – If you use your pool for relaxation primarily you can benefit from installing spa jets. They work to relieve tired and sore muscles and can alleviate symptoms associated with injuries.

Swim jets – If you are serious about your swimming, installing swim jets can help you work on your performance. They work by propelling water in one direction that creates resistance for the swimmer to do laps against.

Revamp the pool area

The overall appeal of your pool is influenced greatly by the landscaping and areas surrounding it. By including some clever pool scaping, outdoor flooring, and an undercover area you can drastically enhance the look of your backyard and pool area. You don’t have to spend a fortune in one go either. You can gradually incorporate items into your backyard space as you go. Add some pool loungers or large pot plants to your pool area to make it more inviting. Greenery can be a budget friendly way to create a cohesive and completed look in your backyard. You can get creative with your pool scaping ideas and add your own personal touch to suit it to your design preferences.


Pools are a great source of entertainment in their own right and you can take the fun factor to the next level by installing a waterslide in your pool. Waterslides that have their own water supply will give you the feel of a real theme park water slide and it will save you having to use the hose to run water down it. If you have children that will be using the slide, choose one that has added safety features such as non-slip steps and sturdy handrails. If you have no building experience it’s always best to hire a professional. This way it will ensure it is safe and it doesn’t encroach on any of your pool fencing boundary lines.

Here at Newcastle Swimming Pools we are all about fitting and installing luxury fibreglass pools. If you have any questions about upgrading your pool, get in touch with our experienced team to discuss your options or visit the website! We would love to hear from you.

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