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Using Luxury Vinyl Tile in your Home


Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has become popular seller in the last few years. LVT is creating a stir in the flooring industry and is something every homeowner should consider. This dependable flooring provides many benefits such as affordability, low maintenance, and durability.

The success of this modern flooring material is obvious through the demand witnessed in recent years. For instance, as an industry, vinyl sales are around $3 billion, recording an uninterrupted success since 2012. The vinyl used has even outperformed some known standard materials like ceramic tile, laminate, and engineered wood. If you are considering LVT flooring we recommend a few online stores to visit for finding the best deals – try overstock.com, bestcarpetvalue.com, or flooringliquidators.

If you are still deciding whether this is the right material to use, here are some benefits. 

Easy Maintenance

Homeowners care about the maintenance of their flooring materials during installation and during heavy use. Damage can occur due to other work being done on the home during building or remodel. Heavy damage, scuffing, or even light scratches can ruin many types of flooring finish. Because LVT is durable most finish damage issues are avoided.

Using luxury vinyl tile on your floor requires only a mop to clear or wipe dirt and dust off the surface. The finish applied at the factory will protect your floor from damage caused by consistent traffic on the surface. It is advisable to place a doormat at the entrance or other high traffic areas to avoid pebbles and debris from damaging the floor surface. To preserve your flooring never drag items on the floor as they easily affect your vinyl tile texture.  Dragging heavy object or furniture can also cause the planks to separate. During installation ensuring the edges are tight and the tiles lay flat will help avoid many issues. These tiles come with built in interlocking sides that are easy to use but you need to double check for gaps. Flat and tight installation prevents tiles from coming off the floor, separating, or water seeping under the tiles when cleaning the floor. We’ve installed several rooms with luxury vinyl and have not had any issues even after a year of heavy use.


Luxury vinyl tile install is an easy and straightforward project for most do-it-yourselfers. You can opt to hire an expert or use DIY guidelines and get excellent results. Even first-time installers obtain beautiful results with LVT. The tiles come with installation guidelines outlining the procedures from start to the end. Vinyl tile in your entire house or a few rooms has the advantage of installation cost savings.

Thick wear layer

Modern vinyl tiles are designed with a quality top layer that protects the beautiful or colorful part of the tile. The top layer helps to keep the tile pattern protected without fading or discoloration because of constant wear. Choosing to shift from normal tiles to vinyl tiles not only changes the look of your floor, but its quality preserves the integrity of the top design despite the constant heavy traffic it receives.

The thickness of the vinyl tiles is different depending on the user’s demands and the manufactures quality. Their dimension is in millimeters, and though many consumers think the thickness translates to durability, this is not the case for all brands. Every tile quality is determined by the manufacturer and materials used to design the tile. That is why you should check for reviews or inquire for people who can recommend the right floor materials before diving into it immediately. If you get a poor quality material that means you’ll spend most of your time and money renovating or placing other tiles on your floor. But for luxury vinyl tiles, you cannot go wrong with it because it is a well-thought-out product.

From an expert point of view, it is advisable to avoid any layer thickness that exceeds 28ml.


The warranty for flooring materials depends on the manufacturer. On the other hand, to reap the benefits of the materials means you have to understand the terms given by the manufacturer and stick to them. For vinyl tiles, you can get 15 years for commercial use and 20-years for residential use. This length of years means the company is confident with its products. The warranty does not mean you get careless with your vinyl tiles. They come with terms that you must follow to uphold warranty validity. This flooring is one that you should have very few issues with and not need to exercise a warranty.  You’ll enjoy LVT since the material used to design the tile is resistant to most normal household elements.


Using luxury vinyl tile flooring is perfect for most budget remodels. For a reasonable cost you can beautify your home and keep your floor in good condition. The tips shared above should give you the reason to embrace this modern flooring material. With proper maintenance procedures given by the manufacturers, the tiles can last for a long time.

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