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Wallpaper Defects: Common Wallpaper Defects and How to Fix Them


Having wallpaper can be very exciting, but maintaining it can be daunting. The pain of seeing the beauty of the wallpaper fade away due to unavoidable circumstances is frustrating. If you buy wall murals, ensure they are high quality and durable to avoid defects. There are numerous reasons why you to use wallpaper. These benefits include adding depth to the room, low maintenance, enhanced durability, and eliminating imperfections. Learning about common defects helps you understand the steps to prevent the occurrence and how to fix it. In this blog, you will discover common flaws and how to solve them.

  1. Peeling Off

If you have kids, there is a high chance you have installed children’s wallpaper murals in their rooms. Due to the playful nature of the kids, the wallpapers can start peeling off. Additionally, you can observe those in other rooms beginning to peel off, which might affect even the already stuck part. Most people often panic and make the wrong moves, which makes it impossible to repair. Observing the peeling of your wallpaper is not an issue since it can be fixed.

Possible Cause of Peeling

Various factors contribute to the peeling of the walls. Below, we have listed some common causes of peeling.

Moisture. If you live in a humid room, the humidity might affect the adhesive making it peel off.

Paint Detachment. Separation often occurs when you need to inspect your wallpaper. If you plan to buy a nursery wall mural for your kid’s room, always ensure the wallpaper is in the right shape. Additionally, when the paint quality is poor, it will detach from the wall causing your wallpaper to peel off. 


To avoid peeling, you must prepare your wall well before the installation. Also, ensure you use high-quality adhesives other than regular wallpaper glue.

  1. Pattern Misalignment

When looking for wallpaper, most people fail to pay keen interest to the alignment of the pattern. For example, if you plan to purchase animal wallpaper, ensure that the design is aligned correctly. Failure to which your wallpaper might lose magnificence. Your wallpaper requires skill, patience, and time to ensure correct pattern alignment when you are sticking.

Possible Causes of Pattern Misalignment

Inaccurate Installation. Most people forget to check the patterns if they install wallpaper. You should review the pattern alignment as you paste and install it when installing.

Printing Issues. Even after installing your pattern with precision, you might still notice some misalignment, especially with the bottom part pattern. No matter how much you try, there is a part that fails to align correctly.


When installing, consider hiring an experienced and skilled installer for this task because experts will cut your wallpaper precisely. Additionally, consider doing a pattern-matching check before you install your wallpaper to ensure it’s done correctly. Don’t plaster a bumpy wall since it will be reflected on the wallpaper.


The above are common wallpaper defects that you should be aware of. If you are unsure of the steps, always consult an experienced installer for the task.

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