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Which type of Built-In Storage Bed You Should Choose?


A built-in storage bed is a brilliant innovation to make use of space smartly in your latest bedroom design. They have become immensely popular in the latest home designs owing to their space management feature. Also, they are manufactured using different materials so that you can select the perfect bed for yourself. Choosing the right built-in storage bed material can be difficult owing to the number of choices available in the market. Moreover, buying a bed is a big investment and you should feel confident that you are choosing the best built-in storage bed. Hence, you should be aware of all the advantages and drawbacks of the various materials. Mentioned below are a few details about different bed materials that you should know before choosing the built-in storage bed material type:

1 ) Upholstered

One of the most commonly used built-in storage bed materials is Upholstery. An upholstered bed is very soft and comfortable. Hence, it becomes the ideal relaxing spot for you to read, watch TV, or doing something else. Also, you get a plethora of choices while choosing the fabric type and colour to ensure it blends in with your home interior design. This allows you to find the ideal built-in storage bed that fits your preferences and style. From blue linoso, modern grey to olive green bracken, there are innumerous options available.


  • There are innumerous options while choosing the fabric type.
  • There are innumerous options while choosing the fabric colour.
  • The material is soft and cosy.


  • Dust and pet hair can accumulate on the material easily.
  • Has to be cleaned every day. Light vacuuming might be required at times.
  • Not as durable as metal or wood.

2 ) Leather

If you choose a leather built-in storage bed, you will have two options in hand: real leather and faux leather. In most cases, faux leather is preferred by homeowners for their home interior designs. Faux leather appears very realistic and is an environmental-friendly option. Also, there are many other benefits that make it a preferred choice. A leather built-in storage bed appears very elegant and enhances the appeal of the bedroom. Also, it is quite reasonably priced and you hardly have to break a sweat for cleaning it.


  • It makes the bedroom appear very sophisticated.
  • Cleaning the leather or faux leather built-in storage bed is super easy.
  • Plenty of colour options available while choosing the furniture.
  • Leather is a durable material. (Faux leather is not as durable as real leather).


  • Can cause an allergic reaction.

3 ) Wood

Wood is a very popular material used in many households. They are quite sturdy and easily enliven the appeal of any bedroom with their natural aesthetic. The most commonly used wood for making built-in storage beds is oak. Oak is one of the most durable options with high moisture-resistant properties and amazing grain patterns. You will also find wooden furniture pieces in various light and dark finishes to seamlessly blend in with the different types of latest bedroom designs.


  • Wooden built-in storage beds have a very elegant and sophisticated look.
  • Wood is a very durable product.
  • Wooden beds require very little to no maintenance.
  • Wooden furniture can be easily recycled and hence, a wooden built-in storage bed is an environment-friendly option.
  • You can give it a new finish instead of buying a new one while redecorating your house.


  • Wooden built-in storage beds can quite heavy to lift and difficult to move around in the house.
  • Cracks and holes can appear.

4 ) Metal

Metal is one of the best materials for a built-in storage bed. It has insane durability and is extremely sturdy. Metal beds can easily last decades. You can easily find metal built-in storage beds in various designs to choose from that will easily blend in with your latest bedroom design and meet all your demands and needs.


  • Metal is one of the most durable materials available.
  • Metal beds are very long-lasting.
  • Cleaning built-in storage metal beds is easy.
  • You will easily find these beds in a range of styles and colours.


  • Recycling built-in storage beds is quite difficult.
  • It is not a soft material.

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