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3 Reasons Why Dumpster Rental Is Ideal For Moving Out


Anyone who has experienced moving out of their current home into a new residence understands how tedious and exhausting it can be. Not only do you have to pack all your belongings (then unpack them again later on), but you also need to sort through your things to see which stays and which goes. If you are the type of person who collects memorabilia from decades ago or trinkets and souvenirs from every place and event you go to, the task may feel like too much to handle. Fortunately for you, we are here to share a solution that will ease your burdens and make your moving quicker, safer, more organized, and more enjoyable. We will talk about three reasons dumpster rentals are highly essential when moving. Read on!

1 – Decluttering Turns Into A Breeze

One of the most daunting aspects of moving is having to dig through all your belongings to select those that are significant and useful enough to join you in your new home. Apart from the internal struggle of deciding whether something is sentimental enough to keep, you also have to deal with managing the waste and pile of junk in the aftermath. When you are going through room after room of items, the garbage bin can quickly overflow, and you are left with a driveway full of broken appliances, old paper files, and long-forgotten knickknacks.

Renting a dumpster will allow you to go through the decluttering stage without messing out your yard! You only need to have your service providers set the waste container on a sizable portion of your driveway, and you can toss everything you wish to declutter straight into the bin. This strategy also prevents accidents, keeping your pathways free from tripping, puncturing, or cutting hazards.

2 – You Save More Money

While some people may be more familiar with junk removal services, dumpster rental offers the benefit of precise upfront quotes. Staff members will do all the heavy-lifting and hard work with junk removal, but the total cost will depend on your trash’s weight, size, and volume. Typically, homeowners who order junk removal services seldom receive pricing estimates that reflect their final expenses.

Renting a dumpster is the opposite. Since you are paying for the waste container, the price often only depends on constant factors, such as the size of the dumpster you choose and your location or distance from the service provider’s headquarters. This perk is a luxury that enables you to project your budget more carefully and ensure that you do not go beyond what you intend to spend. The only downside is you will be left to do all the work of loading your waste into the container, but that is quickly resolved with the help of your housemates or friendly neighbors!

3 – You Have More Time Freedom

As we have previously established, leaving your current dwelling is no small feat, mainly if it entails dealing with years of memories and accumulated possessions. Often, homeowners find themselves delaying their schedules due to the enormity of the physical, emotional, and mental demands of moving. In those scenarios, having a more time-flexible resource is essential to ensure that you get the time you need to process your feelings and thoughts without compromising your financial situation.

Junk removal services are usually time-bound, meaning any extension in the expected schedule will result in more charges. How it works is a team of haulers arrives at your location to carry off and transport whatever you wish to discard. Thus, the common understanding is the staff will only come to your place once you have everything you want to dispose of sorted out and selected. Suppose that, a few days later, you find more items for disposal, you need to contact your service provider to book another removal schedule. Similarly, if the hauling process does not finish in the expected time, you will immediately be charged extra.

With dumpster rental services, your leased waste container will stay with you for as long as agreed upon, which means you can take your time going through your home and picking out your belongings. Turning in the dumpster earlier or later will not affect the costs, as long as you stay within the period stated.

Some Tips For Renting A Dumpster When Moving

Now that you know why you need a dumpster rental to help you when moving, it would also be best to keep in mind that renting a dumpster doesn’t come without a few caveats. However, planning and preparing for your rental will make things easier. Here are some tips to remember when renting a dumpster!

Organize Your Schedule

We mentioned that dumpster rentals are more time-flexible. However, extra charges and “late fees” will still apply if you go beyond the determined period. Plot your schedule meticulously and contemplate how long you will need the dumpster to prevent incurring additional costs. Avoid scheduling your rental on days when you expect family visits, business trips, or social calls. Even better, take an official leave from work and inform your family and friends of your schedule. To remain safe, you could also slap in an extra day or two to your estimate, giving yourself an allowance in case of unforeseen and unintentional delays.

Prep Your Premises

A dumpster rental will take up some area in your yard or on your driveway, so it is critical to ensure that your selection fits in the space you have. These waste bins are also understandably heavy, and they could damage your pavement if not set correctly. If you have any plans to sell your property, that could be a setback. A straightforward solution includes carefully measuring your driveway to ensure enough space to hold the dumpster and leave a passageway for people. You can also lay a sturdy wooden plank on your pavement to prevent the dumpster from crushing or scratching the surface.

Only Work With Professionals

Most importantly, it would be best to work with reliable and skilled professionals who deliver 100% client satisfaction. Handling a dumpster is not child’s play, so you need people who can thoroughly explain how to operate different levers and gates to prevent accidents. Trained staff will also know how to safely and correctly pick up and transport the waste container once it is packed.

Cobblestone Container Service is your go-to dumpster rental company anywhere in the country! They have over 50 years of collective experience in the waste management industry, so they know what it takes to keep clients happy and ensure a safe, incident-free, and pleasant rental experience. If you are ever planning to move, drop them a line to check their availability in your area!


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