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4 Signs Your Chimney Needs Repairing


Like all other parts of your house, chimneys have a specific lifespan also. Well-structured chimneys made from high-quality materials can last between 50-100 years. But this depends upon your chimney cleaning and maintenance routine. Additionally, your chimney’s lifespan is also associated with how often your chimney is used. So if you want your chimney to last for a long time, it’s essential to keep an eye out for any issue and fix it instantly.

This blog discusses some signs that your chimney needs immediate repair.

Smoky Odor

Many people make the mistake of ignoring the smoky smell coming from chimneys since they already associate it with normal chimney functioning. But that’s far from the truth. Chimneys in top-notch working conditions don’t emit a distinguishable foul smell. So if you notice the smoky odor coming from your chimney, it means that your fireplace and chimney’s interior has excessive creosote buildup.

Even though creosote is a common byproduct that sticks to the inner flue due to wood combustion, too much creosote buildup can result in a foul smell. Additionally, creosote buildup in the chimney can stop toxic gasses from escaping and can damage the flue liner over time. If you notice a foul smell coming from the chimney, it’s time to get your flute repaired or replaced, and your chimney swept to remove all traces of creosote.

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The Appearance of the Masonry

The appearance of the masonry is one of the most common signs that indicate the immediate need for chimney repair. Over the years, the exterior chimney masonry absorbs a lot of humidity and withstands extreme weather conditions. This results in the masonry bricks chipping or slipping out of place, which can ruin the appearance and functionality of your chimney. Additionally, slipping bricks can be a huge safety hazard for the residents of any house.

So, if you notice the masonry looking outdated, we recommend immediately hitting up a chimney repair expert. In the same way, if the chimney bricks are sliding out of their place, the masonry needs immediate attention. Additionally, mortar chunks lying around the masonry are a sign that the bricks have started to move, emphasizing the need for chimney fixing.

Rust Forming in the Fireplace

Another common sign of chimney damage that happens due to humidity is rust appearing in your fireplace and firebox. Even though rust damaging your damper and firebox is common, it shouldn’t be ignored as it can lead to further deterioration of your chimney. So if you notice rust spots on your fireplace while lighting a fire, the water might leak through some cracks in the chimney, which is alarming.

A quick chimney inspection will help you find the real spot where the water is leaking and causing rust all over your damper and firebox. Once detected, it’s advisable to hire a chimney repair service that will block all cracks and openings, preventing the water from leaking inside your chimney. Additionally, chimney repair services can also sweep your chimney, removing any existing rust and making your fireplace look spotless for the winter!

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Cracks on the Crown

The crown, or the large concrete slab, covers the opening of your chimney, protecting the interior chimney structure. So if the chimney crown is damaged, water, leaves, twigs, or bird droppings can enter your chimney easily, making a huge mess and causing further damage to your chimney.

As a homeowner, you should always look for any signs that might indicate crown damage. For instance, if your chimney crown has cracks forming all over it, try getting it repaired immediately. You can ask a chimney repair specialist to fix your chimney’s crown, replace it if it’s damaged beyond repair, or waterproof it to prevent any damage in the future.

A chimney with damaged bricks

Looking for Chimney Repair Service?

With the help of timely chimney repairs, your chimney will last for a long time. If you’re looking for quick chimney repairs in Manchester, CT, we recommend trying the services of Creative Masonry & Chimney. They have around 20 years of experience providing chimney repairs in East Hartford, South Windsor, Manchester, Litchfield, Torrington, Sharon, and New Milford, CT. Additionally, their experts also provide chimney cleaning and sweeping services. Their team also handles chimney rebuilding, where they redesign and rebuild a chimney based on specific requirements.

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