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4 Ways on How to Identify a Plumbing Problem


Plumbing problems can run from minor issues to major fixing problems, which may cost a lot if not handled in the beginning. Below are four silent warnings that it’s high time to contact plumber Jindalee before things worsen.

  1. Higher Water Bills 

The climbing bill is a sign that some significant leaking is going on around the plumbing system. A single drip from a leaking pipe can add up to 6 gallons daily. Unless you can account for the extra water bill (such as filling up a pool or watering the lawn more than usual), or there will be a problem with piping. 

Parker Plumbing Company advises locals about the most common source of water bill jump, such as running toilets. Most residences don’t consider how much water the toilet uses. When the toilet valve goes at full blast, a lot of water is wasted, causing the spike in the bill. Parker Plumbing Company recommends their customers to install water-saving fixtures and other equipment that can reduce the rising bill.

  1. LowerWater Pressure 

It’s a common problem, especially in the old houses, but it also happens in the new house as well. Lower water pressure is an indication that something has clogged up your pipes.  Lower water pressure is usually annoying because it takes out the joy of a refreshing shower, and it’s challenging to rinse utensils at the sink. 

When buying or renting a new home, check water pressure. If there is a sign of clogged pipes, a leak, or incorrect piping, you need to hire a plumber. Sometimes water does not flow in multiple locations around your home, which is a sign of a bigger problem. 

  1. Slow Drainage 

Most sink or shower in an old plumbing system is subjected to slow drainage caused by built-up debris from hair or soap scum. But if all pipes experience slow drainage around the house, the sewage system could have been clogged. Something you will notice is drain smell; when using the sink, it indicates blockage. When experiencing slow drainage issues call Parker Plumbing Company, they are specialists in cleaning clogs and other drain issues.

  1. Consistency Clogged Toilets 

A clogged toilet is a common problem that everyone has to deal with in a while. If your toilet clogged consistently, there must be a problem, it could be either you have a clogged sewage system or a blocked-up septic system. Also, you can notice a clogged drain when emptying your sink or taking a shower; you will notice the water is backing up instead of going one way. When flashing a toilet that has a clogged system, you will notice the difference, instead of the water draining away, it backs up in the toilet bowl, and sometimes it even overflows.


Above are tips on how to identify common plumbing problems. Most of these plumbing problems come as an emergency.Personally, you should have tips on how to handle them before the plumber reaches your home. Some problems are easy to fix, but others need professionals to repair. If you are not comfortable and confident enough to handle these emergencies, don’t try. It may get messy!


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