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6 Things to Look for When Choosing an Electrician


Handling electrical devices can be dangerous if you have little knowledge and experience in the electrical field. Fixing and repair of both residential and commercial electrical issues require a specialized electrician to perform the task. Delayed response to an electrical emergency can lead to severe damage or even death from electric shock. When finding an electrician who can properly do your electrical fixes, you have to be careful.

Same Day Trades offers qualified, experienced, licensed and fully equipped electricians. They operate 24/7 to respond to emergency electrical fixes calls such as CCTV installation, lighting issues, fault detection and appliance installation. Electrician Smithfield ensures they meet all requirements for their electrical services in Smithfield Plains.

Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing your electrician.

  1. Services Offered By The Electrician

Electrical fixes range from residential to commercial purposes. You can have an electric heater problem at home or a faulty CBR machine in the materials laboratory. You need to ensure the electrician chosen offers a wide variety of services from lighting fixtures to CCTV installation. 

  1. 24/7 Availability

Electrical emergencies can happen any time, day or night. You need an electrician who can respond to an emergency call and act immediately 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Electrical emergencies are severe; therefore, there is no room for a slight delay. Trained electricians are always available 24/7 to receive any emergency and respond quickly to home and workplace repairs.

  1. Tools And Equipment

Does the electrician have the necessary tools for handling electrical repairs and fixes? Dealing with electric devices is no child’s play.  Having needed equipment is vital to ensure proper installation and repair. Same Day Trades offers fully equipped electricians ready to handle any electrical issue you report to them.

  1. Training And Qualification Of The Electrician

Researching the qualifications of an electrician is important before choosing who to hire as your electrician. Trained electricians have extra knowledge on how to handle many difficult and dangerous electrical issues. Qualified electrician will always know what to do when mending electrical appliances.

  1. Licenses And Certifications 

Electrical repair and fixation services can be risky and can not be handled by unlicensed persons. The electrician you choose should be certified by the body in charge of electricians. Insurance is necessary in case of unforeseen accidents that occur during electrical installation. Ensure your electrician specialist is insured and certified to be sure of the best service delivery.

  1. Previous Customers’ Reviews

 Knowing past customers’ experiences with an electrician can help you find the best electrician.  Electricians with excellent and reliable services have good reviews from their past customers. Satisfied customers will give recommendations through the reviews. You can’t trust an electrician with a lot of negative reviews from complaining clients posted on their websites to offer you the best services. 


Professionals from Same Day Trades can handle maintenance, fixation and repair services efficiently. Customers are assured of immediate response to electrical fixes emergencies. Proper evaluation of electricians before hiring is an important step for every customer.


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