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6 Of the Most Common Types of Plumbing Emergencies


Just about every home will ultimately need a 24/7 plumbing team within their contacts just in case something goes wrong and you need immediate assistance. And one of the biggest issues with plumbing emergencies that a lot of people forget about is that they can seemingly pop up out of nowhere. 

We’ve teamed up with the Master Plumbers at Beehive Plumbing, a group of emergency plumber specialists located in Northern Utah, to support us in developing this list of common plumbing emergencies. 

There’s no doubt about it that you can prevent a lot of these emergencies simply by knowing what they are and a few preventative tips, which is why knowing about plumbing emergencies is so important. 

So here are 6 common plumbing emergencies that you should know about! 


  • Toilet Overflows 

Toilets overflow all of the time no matter where you live, and this is a common plumbing emergency that can many times spring up during the late hours of the night. Some of the common causes of an overflowing toilet include float mechanism malfunctions and serious clogs, but no matter what is actually causing your overflow it’ll be necessary that you immediately shut off the water supply to your toilet. 

Once you’ve successfully turned off the toilet’s water supply, you’ll definitely support your efforts towards stopping any household flooding and potential structural damage (which is HUGELY important). 

Although there are instances in which a homeowner can unclog their toilet via a simply DIY project, or simply just using a plunger, there are countless scenarios in which a DIY toilet repair ends up leading to more serious issues. The greater likelihood is that you’re going to need an experienced specialist who will utilize a drain snake to get to the debris that’s deep down within your piping system in order to free the water flow. 

  • Sink Drains Stopped-Up 

A lot of homeowners simply put things down their sink drains that they shouldn’t, including things like coffee grounds and grease. But of course sinks get stopped-up all the time, and it can be really inconvenient depending upon the timing of this type of plumbing issue. 

A lot of people will turn to over-the-counter drain cleaners to resolve this problem, which could potentially get the job done. But it’s important to understand that these products are actually really bad for your pipes, and will only be a temporary fix.

Your best bet in this type of situation is to call in a plumbing specialist who can utilize a long drain snake to unclog the drain and get things back to normal again! 

  • Pipe Bursts

A burst pipe is one of the scariest and most damaging plumbing emergencies that commonly occur to homeowners all throughout the country, particularly in the winter months. A burst pipe can lead to serious flooding and structural damage, and in general this type of repair takes a lot of time and money to fully resolve. 

There are a lot of causes for pipe bursts, including long-term corrosion within a plumbing system. This cause is one of the main reasons why you should always have your residential plumbing system checked up on by a seasoned specialist at least once a year! 

The main thing that homeowners must do in this type of emergency situation is shut off the main water supply in order to avoid water damages, and then reach out to the pros to get started on some serious repairs.

  • Pipe Leaks 

Pipe leaks are a really common problem for homeowners to have to deal with, and one big problem with these plumbing issues is that most people find it difficult to pinpoint the exact location of a pipe leak. This then leads to the issue getting much worse, and then typically being found once it has caused an extensive amount of damage. 

There are instances in which you can simply use a wrench to tighten up a loose joint when this type of situation occurs, and for the most part you will always need to turn the water supply off, and then back on to make sure that the leak has stopped. 

Waterproof tape also tends to be a good DIY fix for a pipe leak, but calling a 24/7 emergency plumber will always be your best option! 


  • Sump Pump Malfunction Or Failure 

Sump pump failure can be due to a whole array of different plumbing system issues, but one DIY idea is to simply remove the sump pump screen and make sure that there isn’t any kind of debris that’s imposing itself upon the impeller. Of course if your impeller is not being obstructed then you could be dealing with an electrical issue or other types of defects. 

Sump pumps are very important appliances when it comes to preventing basement flooding, so this is a plumbing repair that should always be handled as quickly as possible. What makes this a common plumbing emergency is that people will first notice that they have a sump pump failure when they start experiencing basement flooding! 

  • Water Heater Failures/Malfunctioning 

There are plenty of different water heater failures and types of malfunctioning, and this is always a really timely issue for countless households because we simply need hot water on a daily basis for showering, cooking, laundry, etc. 

Reach Out To Plumbing Specialists When You Find Your Household In A Plumbing Emergency! 

Plumbing emergencies are always something that should be taken very seriously and handled as swiftly as possible, and in the end the only way to quickly and efficiently resolve a plumbing emergency is to reach out to emergency plumbing specialists. 



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