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A DIY Guide to Protecting Your Wooden Floors


Wooden floors are a great addition to a home for functionality and aesthetics. With high-quality hardwood, comes great responsibility. When you buy a house with wooden floors, or you install them, it takes a lot of work to ensure that they maintain that beautiful glow and durability.

The cost for replacement of damaged parts can accumulate over time. So, taking preventive measures is your best bet to avoid expensive repairs at short intervals.

How To Protect Your Wooden Floors

There are different ways to protect your wooden parquet floors. Some of them involve the use of chemicals, while others simply involve covering your wood floors. Here are 6 simple ways to maintain your floors:

Consider Priming and Painting

A primer (like PSP400) is a protective chemical coat used on wood to promote efficient absorption of paint. This primer is an undercoat that ensures that the wood is prepared for painting and increases the durability of the paint. By painting primed wood, you make it more durable and less vulnerable to scratches.

Try Covering Your Wooden Floors With a Rug or Carpet

This is arguably the easiest way to preserve a wooden floor without using any substances. It’s also a great way to redecorate and prevent members of your household from slipping on smooth wooden floors.

Regularly Sweep With Brushes that Have Smooth Blunt Follicles

When the bristles of your sweeping brush or other cleaning equipment are too sharp, hard, or rough, they begin to make scratches on your wooden floor. So, before buying brushes, vacuums, and cleaning supplies, ensuring that there are no items with rough-textured follicles.

Always Use Rubber Padding to Coat Metal Furniture

Dragging metal furniture across a wooden floor is a no-no. An easy fix is ​​to place rubber padding on the base of these metal items that will come in direct contact with your wooden floor. This way, when you drag them across the floor, they don’t leave scratches.

Use Moisture Absorbing Cloth for Cleaning

Water and wood aren’t the best of friends. Instead, use high-quality water-resistant chemicals to treat and clean your wooden floors. You can find some of these products at this brand. Using moisture-absorbing cloth along with these chemicals to clean your wooden floors will help prevent damage in the long run.

Start By Going for High Quality

There are different types of wooden floors in the market. While house hunting, you may come across an old house with good-looking old wooden floors. Make sure the floors are made of high-quality wood since this is the first step in ensuring durability over time. If you go for wood that is already half damaged, you will spend more maintaining it long-term than someone who buys high-quality wood in the first place.


Using undercoat, gloss, primer, paint, and other high-quality materials will help you preserve the integrity of your wooden floors over time. Also, by ensuring that your floors don’t get scratched unnecessarily, you can increase the durability of your wooden floor and preserve its beauty.


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