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DIY Mirror Frames


Mirrors are known to contribute to the dimensions of a room by reflecting light. Besides, they can also be used to decorate a house. A mirror can be hung in a strategic place to reflect an impressive scene. It becomes even more beautiful when used alongside a good-looking frame.

As far as designing the mirror frame is concerned, you can do a lot by yourself. This article will discuss the various DIY mirror frame designs. Besides this, the article will also outline the steps that can be followed to make these designs.

DIY Starburst Mirror Frame

This DIY mirror frame looks intriguing, but it is much simple to construct. Its construction does not require much time and money. All you need is a plain round mirror, thin contractor shims, spray paint, and glue. Paint, glue and assemble the shims in a Sun-shape layout. The design will deliver a luxurious pop to your room.

DIY Seashell Mirror Frame

This is a creative DIY mirror frame project, especially if you have an old mirror hanging in your room. The design is both practical and affordable. You will require some seashells and some glue. You can cut the more giant seashells (if any) in half to make them stick on the frame nicely. Glue the seashells atop each other to create multi-colored layers. The design gives a very eye-catching impression.

Fancy Mirror with Mirror Frame

The DIY mirror frame design is easy to construct as it requires a low budget. All you will need are tiny mirrors in various dimensions, a central mirror, metallic decorative skewers, and the determination to bring these together.

Small Decorative Mirror

This is quite a fancy and stylish DIY mirror design. Creating the design will require a giant mirror, glass cutter, gold spray paint, and contact paper. Use the glass cutter to trim the mirror to an octagon shape. Use the contact paper to design the gem-inspired lines across the octagon-shaped mirror. Spray the lines to give a 3D outlook to the mirror.

Rustic Wood Slice Frame

This fantastic DIY mirror project takes framing to a new level. The vibrant design is made of timber. It requires a plywood toolkit, jigsaw, paint, and cleat. Use the jigsaw to cut out oval pieces from the plywood. Paint and glue these wood pieces on the mirror frame perfectly. You can adjust their dimensions and texture here and there to make it more exciting. Any person with carpenter skills can construct this mirror frame.

DIY Succulent Frame

The project is ideal for people who love florals. The design is complex to construct, but it requires a low budget. To create it, first, assemble two-box-shaped wooden frames and support them using a stapled chicken wire. Place the mirror on the more petite frame and play around with the available fen to create a garden-like look. Use plywood to hold them together and arrange the fleshy leaves as you want.


That is it! Above, you have the various designs for mirror frames that you can do yourself. If you would like to update some space, you may consider using one of these DIY mirror frames. These designs can impress your bathroom, bedroom, sitting room, or office space.

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