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Choosing cushions for your home can be exciting.


Using cushions is an easy and stunning way of dress up your home interior. They are an easy accessory to use for added color and textural interest; and by simply switching things up, you will get yourself an updated home interior style.

Cushions have different sizes and various design basics you need to consider when shopping for your next collection including; shape, size, color, and texture. Here are few tips on what to consider when choosing cushions for your home interior, sofa, and seating arrangements.

Find the right size of cushion

When choosing the largest range of cushions in Australia, you may need to consider the size and the purpose for which they signify.

Selecting the size you should want to be in specified balance to the size of the bed or sofa on which you will place the cushions, so as to neither overlook nor look unimportant.

Standard square cushions are the universal size in Australia and at Manchester collection have available in the subsequent sizes: 45 x 45cm, 50 x 50cm, 55 x 55cm, and 70 x 70cm. The smallest: 45 x 45cm rests precisely on sofas, chairs, and beds.

The size of the back cushion sofa’s standard height of 50 x 50cm sits just in the line up with the back of the sofa and a 55 x 55cm will higher than the back of the sofa. Square cushions are harmonizing together; they create a unified and balanced look.

The smaller rectangular cushions size is 30 x 50cm and works best on both sides of chairs. They also look very pretty when overlapping in front of 45 x 45cm square cushions. Rectangular cushions are typically used to complement, contrast, or carry out the color or designs of the larger main cushions.

The largest of the square cushions, work really well on your floor surfaces and determine in at 70 x 70cm. They look eye-catching when used as decorative accessories — they provide a comfortable and relaxed feel and lash the look of the room equally.

Decide on color and design

Cushions can draw attention to the interior of home decor and help lift up your space by attractive colors and designs of the allover furniture.

Selecting solid colors or various patterns is the first choice, however, it will be able to keep a unique touch and add quality for home decor.

Cushions with various designs and prints can carry vivacity and visual attraction to the smallest argument without them; otherwise, the room may look too sterile and boring.

Likewise, an eventful room will look enhanced and more beached with solid throw cushions.

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