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Do You Know the Difference Between a Security Screen and Insect Screens?


Since the days of the basic mesh panel that kept the bugs at bay, the modest fly screen has gone a long way. The security screen is a better option because it has stronger materials, cutting-edge production techniques, and crucial security features including a triple-locking mechanism.

But not every security fly-screen door is created equal. Knowing the distinction between a standard fly screen and security screen doors and windows will help you make your house a safe and peaceful place to live.

Fly Screen that is offered by Premier Screens Limited can be a great choice for every home as well as commercial premises.

Without sacrificing your ability to see the outside world, defend your family from any intruders. It is simple to choose between flyscreens and security doors because of a number of important advantages that favor these security screens such as durability, cost, and the assurance that your home is secure.

Let us explore the differences between the security screen and insect screen so that home owners know what they are getting.

Different materials

The two screens are first and foremost made of different materials. The primary purpose of an insect screen is to keep insects out, hence it is typically constructed of aluminum and mesh. Typically, PVC-coated polyester, fiberglass, or midge mesh are often used for creating this mesh.

On the other hand, security screens are created for keeping out all unwanted visitors, that also includes humans as well as insects. They have higher-quality mesh. It is constructed of stainless steel or aluminum sheets that have been intertwined into a mesh pattern.

Security screens, in contrast to fly screens, cannot be created by hand or by purchasing a few items from market. They are created in accordance with state laws and regulations and have particular patents.

Security differences

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An insect screen will simply keep insects out, whereas a security screen is made to keep both people and insects out.

Insect screens can be easily removed or damaged because fly screens are not regulated, especially if the invader is armed.

Due to its superior construction, attention to security regulations, and requirement for a triple-lock system, security screens provide a much higher level of safety. You may be sure of greater security with a security door.


Longevity is a consideration in the design of security screen doors. They are made to survive difficult circumstances, including weather changes. Security screen doors are also more likely to come with a warranty, which will cover any manufacture or installation issues.

However, fly screens frequently sustain damage over time. This could be as a result of exposure to the sun, which turns them silver, or even regular wear and tear, which can result in holes in the bug screens.


Price is the final things to decide between the two screen products. Insect screens cost far less than security screen items as a result of the differences. Cheaper materials and a lack of industry control are responsible for this. Due to regulations and better-quality materials, security screen products cost more than insect screens.

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