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Does Size Matter in HVAC? 


In the world of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, the issue of size can be a contentious one. The first thing to note is that HVAC refers to all three functions, not just cooling. Air conditioner size refers to equipment size, which includes the size of the motor, fan, and blower. The size and design of your system are not permanent, so you can change them on a whim to ensure maximum efficiency. If you’re planning on using your heating system nearly year-round, then, by all means, consider having a large heating unit in place. Several factors determine what size AC system you will need for your home or business. In this article, we’ll investigate the importance of size and how to ensure that you are purchasing a system that will provide the most comfort for your dollar.

Reason Why Size Matter in HVAC

1. Comfort

The most important reason is comfort. If you live in a typical house, you need to consider that many occupants will use the AC unit anytime. In such a case, it might be good to consider an AC unit one size larger than what would typically be expected for the area being cooled or heated. It will ensure that the temperature doesn’t become uncomfortable for anyone using the space at the time (or shortly after). If you’re living alone and working from home, then a minor system might suffice. Those in this situation should also look into smaller alternatives such as heat pumps and mini-splits.

2. Cost

You also will want to factor in the cost of running a system that has too much capacity or a too-small unit. There are many cases where the bigger the unit, the more money it costs to run. It has to work harder and pull more air through its system. One thing you need to realize when purchasing an AC system is that you are paying for all of the components and their installation, so anything that increases efficiency will save money over time.

3. Efficiency

The third reason that size matters in AC revolves around efficiency and what each system style can provide. The most efficient AC systems have a few components and are designed to work in unison. They are also very efficient as they minimize the heat generated and direct it back into the air that is being cooled or heated. The efficiency of a system can vary depending on whether it is an older system, a less efficient system, or a newer system that has finally caught up with the times.

Size matters in AC, but you will have to decide what matters most to you based on your situation and budget. If you can manage with something smaller, then go with that option. Elite Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning, offers HVAC Services for Residential and Commercial applications and can provide you with the AC system to make your home or business comfortable, save you money, and be more efficient. 

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