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How to Prepare Your Backyard For Spring

As winter begins to draw to a close it provides us with the perfect opportunity to get our backyards prepped for spring. In doing this we can make sure that we waste no time at all in being able to use the outside of our homes when the fine weather makes an appearance. From prepping the land, your timber fence to your planters and tools, there are lots of little jobs which we can take care of now and here are just some areas which you can get started with now.

General Cleanup

Once the worst of the winter weather is out of the way it is time to get started with a general backyard cleanup. Here you should be looking to get rid of any debris which may have fallen in the yard, getting rid of dead plants and leaves and anything else which may have blown into the yard. This will give you a blank canvas from which to get started. As you tidy, make note of anything which is damaged and needs attention, such as a chipped timber deck, broken plant pots or ripped lining under stones.

Edging The Yard

You will find that over the winter months, the edges of the yard have been pushed and now don’t offer the clean lines which they once did. This is another job which you can start now, realigning those edges and trimming back stones, grass and soil so that you recover those contours.

Washing Down

Once you have tidied up and re-edged the yard, it is time to get the hose or pressure washer out and give everything a good soaking. Clean down your timber deck, garden furniture, plant pots and even give any stones a good splash of water to remove any soil which may have found its way in there.

Treating the Lawn

If you have lawn in the backyard then now is the time to treat it ahead of the warmer months. This doesn’t need to be a big effort and a simple weed and feed fertilizer will be enough to give the grass strength and nutrients to look its best once springtime comes.

Repair Day

The next job will be to repair anything which has been damaged throughout the winter. Whatever is on the list which you made will need to be either replaced or repaired. Use the list to arm yourself with whatever supplies you need, and then set a day aside to carry out the repairs.

Prepare The Soil For Planting

And finally you should take a look at the beds which you have in the garden and use this time to prepare the soil for spring sowing. During the course of the winter the earth can easily become compacted, which will not be good for planting seeds. Rake through the soil and get the air back into the beds, which will mean that you have the ideal foundation for your seeds when spring arrives.

Now is the time to put in a little work in the yard, to ensure that you are fully prepared to make your yard look great during spring and summer.

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