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Half-Wall Shower Glass: What Do You Need To Know?


Half glass walls make any space look bigger by enhancing the lines of sight and letting in more light. This glass enclosure can be utilized in several ways, including room dividers and shower walls. Bathrooms are usually the most suitable spaces to incorporate half walls of any style. 

This guide will further discuss how these types of enclosures can be added to your bathroom and other important factors to consider. 

The Structure of A Glass Half Wall 

Glass half walls are typically built from standard construction materials such as drywall and wood framing. The standard height of the wall is generally 3-4 feet from where the wall continues featuring a glass panel. The division may also extend to any size according to your preference. Glass half walls are most frequently used to make shower enclosures. 

Another type of glass half wall is entirely made of a glass pane, affixed to the floor and extending to any given height. Besides being used as shower enclosures, these types of walls are used as bathtub enclosures or room dividers. 

In all cases, glass half walls are constructed from tempered or safety glass that’s custom cut depending on the size and may also have colored, patterned, or textured glass.  

Why Opt for Half Wall Shower Glass 

One way to design a luxury bathroom is to give it a brighter and lighter look. Half-wall shower glass lets more light into the bathing space while giving you some privacy and preventing water from splashing. Half shower enclosures covered by glass tops are popularly used for steam showers to protect the ceiling from being damaged by excessive moisture.

Half-wall shower glass is better than shower curtains that collect humidity and mold. Moreover, they’re less costly than a bathroom renovation or having a full glass shower enclosure installed. 

Half-wall shower glass 

Half-Wall Shower Glass – The New Trend 

These days, shower enclosures are manufactured with a more contemporary and minimalistic approach. These frameless glass designs are much sleeker, leaving excessive metal framing and hardware out of the equation. Half-glass shower walls also blend more seamlessly into the surroundings. 

These shower glass walls are gaining popularity because they allow custom-sizing, while traditional framed doors come in standard sizes. Moreover, they’re easy to clean because they don’t have any grooves that can accumulate dirt and mold. 

The absence of framing material means you won’t have to worry about rusting pieces and to replace them. Homeowners can incorporate this upscale design feature in their bathrooms to add value to their homes. 

Cleaning a half-glass shower wall


Types of Glass Used 

Choosing a half-wall shower glass means you’re choosing ambiance and quality. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, they’re easy to clean and maintain and suitable for any size shower room or bath. Before you pick your shower screen, check out the different types of glass available in the market. This will help you choose the glass that fits your and your family’s needs. 

Standard Clear Glass 

Tempered glass is one of the most commonly used options for half-wall shower doors as it allows more light into the space, helps optimize it, and makes the bathroom look more spacious. The clear glass features a slight green tinge when natural light passes through. 

In some states, shower screens and doors must comply with set building codes regarding installation, safety, and materials. The glass used for shower enclosures is toughened, laminated, and glazed in Grade A. Clear glass is also known as the safety glass and is at least 4 mm thick. 

Starphire Glass 

Clear glass has a slight blue or green tint because it comprises some iron particles. However, manufacturers have found a way to remove these particles to make glass look clearer, pure, and more sparkling. The sapphire glass allows you to create a stunning shower area. 

Starphire works best in bathrooms featuring vivid color schemes, magnificent tiles, or crisp shades. This type of glass will give you a unique effect lasting for several years. 

Acid Edged Glass 

This type of glass allows you to retain privacy in the shower while allowing as much transparency and light as possible. Though silhouettes can be seen in a certain light, a clear view is obstructed by an opaque or satin finish. 

These glass shower screens can also be patterned according to your preferred design if you want to be creative and give your bathroom an exceptional look. Acid etched glass is a low-maintenance material less prone to fingerprint marks. 

Textured Glass 

The textured glass features specific patterns or designs you can feel by running your fingers over it. The designs impressed into the surface give a decorative look while giving you privacy in the shower. 

The texture is further enhanced as water runs down the glass, and the light creates stunning visual effects. You can find an extensive range of textured glass that can also replicate finishes such as wood, bricks, or tiles. 

Half-wall shower glass


Buy Top-of-the-Line Shower 

Glass contractors at Shower Doors of Austin believe that your bathroom should feature a half-wall shower glass, especially if it looks old and dark or feels small.  

Contact us to learn about different glass types if you’re looking for quality glass for your shower wall. We will also help you decide on the most suitable design that fits your needs. 

We also offer other interior glass solutions, custom mirror installation services, custom sliding shower doors, and more. For more information about our services, contact us today.


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