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Here’s Ten of the Best Lights for Your Home Pool


If you have a swimming pool in your backyard but only use it during the day, you’re missing out on loads of fun after the sun sets. Think about it – won’t a lit up fibreglass pool feel great to swim in during the evenings? And won’t it be the perfect mood-setter for a party to remember? If the answer’s yes in your heart and mind, it’s time to learn about 10 of the best lights that you can buy to spice up your swimming pool. Let’s get going!

  1. iledlight 6000K

The iledlight 6000K is one of the best lights money can buy for your inground swimming pool. The iledlight 6000k range starts from a 15-watt 12-volt bulb to a 40-watt 120-volt full-RGB bulb. While the former bulb is ideal for creating a spa-like vibe, the latter is the ultimate choice for parties, and it also has a colour-changing feature. You can also use the latter bulb with a remote control, which is a convenient way for changing colours whenever you want the pool colour to change.

iledlight’s product catalog consists of lights for each and every type of swimming pool. Priced between $50 – $110, the brand’s lights offer durability and quality lighting at a great price. iledlight’s products have been rated highly by consumers.

  1. Bonbo 6000K

Bonbo LED lights offer simplicity, but they’re also incredibly durable products. So, if you’re looking for swimming pool lights that offer more substance than style, you should definitely consider the Bonbo 6000K. The brand has two offerings for fibreglass pools – a powerful 65-watt option and a slightly less powerful 50-watt bulb. However, a single bulb is powerful enough to lighten up a pool of 32,000 gallons capacity.

You can count on the 65-watt bulb to run for 60,000 hours without any technical issues, while the 50-watt bulb can run for 10,000 hours. The lights are reasonably priced between $37 – $50.

  1. GlowTub

If you’ve got an indoor pool or tub, you should go for a GlowTub light instead of a Bonbo or iledlight product. GlowTub lights offer colourful lighting solutions that are ideal for hot tubs and spas. Each GlowTub light has a suction cup at the bottom, which makes it incredibly easy to install the light. The suction cup is quite durable, and you can expect the light to stay firmly in place for a long time.

GlowTub lights are battery-powered, and controlling them is convenient through the remote control. For basic illumination, you would need 1 or 2 GlowTub lights. However, if you’re interested in creating a party-like environment, you can go for more lights. Each GlowTub light would set you back by $12.

  1. Roleadro IP68

If your pool lacks existing fixtures, you might think you need to install some before you can add lights. However, the Roleadro IP68 completely eliminates the need for fixtures. Roleadro lights come with mounting brackets, which you can screw onto your pool’s walls. The lights are compatible with almost all standard outlets. There’s a remote control provided with the lights as well, which makes controlling them convenient.

There are two Roleadro IP68 lights you can pick from. While the entry-level light offers a short cord and doesn’t offer pure white lighting, the advanced light offers the pure white option along with a significantly longer cord. The entry-level light would set you back by around $90, while the advanced light costs $105.

  1. E-super Inflatable Lights

Battery-powered lights have one major issue – you need to stock up on batteries. The E-super inflatable lights does away with batteries completely, as they are solar-powered. The lights have diameters of 14 inches and you only need to expose them to direct sunlight for charging them. 

These lights change their colours. However, the colour changes happen based on preset cycles, and you can’t stick to a particular colour. Given the low price of $34, this is understandable. So, if you’re looking for affordable floating lights, look no further than this one.

  1. Chakev Ball Lights

While the E-Super lights are big floating lights, Chakev’s products are significantly smaller. These lights have diameters of 3 inches, and a pack of 10 is available for just under $40. You can also buy individual lights for $5.99 each. These lights are battery-powered, with each light running on two coin-cell CR2032 batteries.

There’s a remote control as well, which you can use to change the colours whenever you want without handling the lights manually. There are no cords involved, which makes installing and operating these lights incredibly convenient.

  1. DeeprBlu Solar Lanterns

If you want elaborate lights for your fibreglass pool that will float on the water’s surface, you should consider the solar lanterns from DeeprBlu. Each DeeprBlu solar lantern has a waterproof ball that protects the lantern when it’s placed in a pool. You can also place these lanterns outside. 

The lights are available in a variety of sizes, whose prices range from $20 – $40. The surreal lighting effect provided by these lights is a sight for sore eyes.

  1. TIALLY Full Moon

Bring the magic of the moon to your swimming pool with TIALLY full moon floating lights. These floating lights are solar-powered, and they’re available in a variety of colour options.

Each TIALLY full moon floating light would set you back by $40. The lights have a celestial-style print as well, which further adds to their otherworldly look.

  1. Chakev Submersible LEDs

Chakev is one of the most well-known brands in the floating light market. However, it has some very decent submersible LED lights as well. You can buy individual lights for $12 each, or opt for a pack of eight at $65.

The lights feature magnetic attachment points and suction cups for smooth installation. There’s remote control as well, through which you can change brightness settings and colours.

  1. Happox Colour-Changing Light

Happox’s colour-changing pool lights feature full-colour RGB bulbs, which can be controlled effortlessly through the remote control. Happox’s remote control is more advanced than most of the standard remote controls provided by other manufacturers. Users can change a number of different settings such as hue, colour shift cycle, and preset animations.

These lights are compatible with all standard pool fixtures as well. Each colour-changing Happox light costs $59. There’s a cheaper bright-white option as well, which costs $39.

In conclusion, selecting the right lighting for your home pool can significantly enhance its aesthetics and ambiance, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere. With this list of ten top-notch lights, you have a range of options to suit your preferences and elevate your pool experience. If you’re looking for expert assistance in building or upgrading your pool, we invite you to check out the pool builders newcastle professionals who can cater to all your pool-related needs, ensuring a stunning and functional pool area that will be the envy of your friends and family. 


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