How To Sell Your Property Quickly (And For A Better Price)  


The process of selling a property isn’t known for its efficiency or ease. In fact, depending on your circumstances and property, it can be a difficult process, one that causes a great deal of stress for many of those involved. It is in the interest of those selling to seek out methods and assets that might aid their sale, whether making their property more appealing to the market or improving the value of offers made.

There are, thankfully, a number of ways in which this can be achieved. Homes can be presented differently, redesigned and refurbished so that they appeal to a wider or more specific audience. Even without a significant financial investment, a home can be made more appealing, although those willing to spend both money and time on a property will certainly find their return on investment improved, promising they spend in the right way.

To give you an idea of how a property can be made more profitable and how it can appear more attractive to buyers, we’re sharing some top tips, those that have been proven, even outside of housing market trends, to encourage a quick sale.


Certain property owners will recognise work or renovations that need to take place within a property, replacing windows for example, but will neglect to do so due to financial or schedule constraints. While there is certainly little harm in placing such a property on the market, it will incline buyers to make lower bids, since they will deduct the potential renovation costs from their bid.

While the cost of renovation is sometimes high, it can be much more affordable than buyers might estimate. As such, if a renovation can be done affordably, it is worthwhile. Not only will it prevent low bids but it will even add to a home’s value.

Modern Design


While certain, older properties will have character, it is modern homes and amenities that sell well. Modern designs include smart home features, summer houses, home offices, and open-plan living spaces, each of which have been popular among homeowners and, as a result, improve a property’s appeal and value.

Muted Colour


While certain colours continue to drift in and out of popularity, they will each conjure subjective opinions among buyers, often dividing people’s opinions on a property. It is advantageous for those looking to sell a property to embrace muted colours, from pastels to greys and whites. While these colours may seem to lack much character, they will represent a blank canvas for the buyer, allowing them to better impress their own designs onto a property.

Low Overheads


The costs of running a home, from utilities to location, are a huge factor for buyers. Such considerations will certainly come into the mind of a buyer when making an offer and should be accounted for by a seller when a house is placed on the market. A basic EPC rating must be suitable for livability but for a reduction in energy costs, a higher rating is more appealing.

By making efforts to reduce the cost of living within a home, property owners will find their property gaining more attention in the marketplace, with buyers wanting to reduce their future and ongoing expenses.

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