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Gardening could make a significant difference to your fridge and the budget. It would not b wrong to suggest that you could grow over half-pound of produce per square foot of your home garden space. You would be able to save a significant amount in return for a small investment in your garden. It would be pertinent to mention here that the key to those results would be a decently maintained plot. Growing food has been overly simplified. Most people would begin without a strategy or a realistic idea of the time and money needed.

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Most people suffered season after season due to disappointing results, while others were disillusioned and quit gardening. Regardless of you having retired your gardening gloves after one season or you were seeking a better outcome, there have been several ways of improvement. Most people would randomly choose a spot, begin planning, and wait for food to grow. Rest assured that plants have preferences that you should not ignore. Before you start a home garden, you should analyze your location and consider the kind of plants you were trying to grow. Go through plant packages and catalog descriptions for details on ideal conditions for water, sunlight, planting zones, and more.

Assess shade and sunlight to determine how much exposure your garden gets before you decide what or where to plant. A majority of food-bearing plants prefer six to ten hours of exposure to the sun per day. There are a few crops, inclusive of citrus trees require special care in intense or prolonged sunlight. If the tree trunk of a citrus plant were freshly pruned, the limbs would not be protected. They would become vulnerable to sunscald and mold disease. Most edible plants could tolerate partial shade ranging from four to six hours. However, the plants tend to grow smaller, become less productive, and make smaller produce.

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When planting in shady areas, you would be required to increase the number of plants grown for achieving the desired yield. However, it could be a worthwhile tradeoff due to fewer weeds growing in the shade. It would also be important to understand your zone. If you were looking forward to growing plants outside of your zone, rest assured it is a gamble you may not often win. Such plants would require appropriate and stimulating conditions, which would be a waste of money in your zone. It would also be important for you to understand the nature of soil before you invest in plants for your garden.


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