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Looking for new kitchen counters? Don’t miss these pointers!


Remodeling your kitchen can be a massive project in itself, but there are a few critical aspects that must be considered over everything. Besides cabinetry and flooring, kitchen counters need equal attention. Countertops and worktops need to be durable and should work with rest of the kitchen interiors. If you are in Montreal, check for options in Cuisines Rosemere kitchen counters to find some of the latest and trending ideas. In this post, we are discussing the key options and factors that matter for selecting countertops for the kitchen. 

Material options

There are certain standard choices for countertops, such as granite, marble, quartz and limestone. Granite and marble are natural stones, so you can expect assured durability, but there can be differences in slab designs, because these are natural and are mined to be cut into slabs. Quartz, which isn’t 100% pure quartz, is a better choice in many ways, as far as uniformity in design and durability are concerned. Soapstone, glass, and limestone are some of the cheaper but maintenance-heavy options. For natural stones, the base holding the kitchen counters must be strong enough to hold the weight. 

Installation and maintenance

Natural stones, because of the weight, are hard to transport, and that adds to the installation costs, as well. Installation, however, should be done by an experienced supplier, and there should be some warranty on the product. Even in natural stones, the maintenance requirements may vary. For granite, regular sealing is important, while for marble, staining is a concern. Make sure that you consider the cost of installation and eventual spending on maintenance as key factors for selecting kitchen countertop materials. 

Set a budget

Ensure that you set a budget for your kitchen countertop selection. If you have hired a kitchen remodeling contractor, make sure that you have an estimate in advance. The estimate should cover for the cost of materials, installation charges, and other expenses, if any. The budget for kitchen counters depends on the material and from where it is sourced, so keep an eye on the details. 

Select a reliable service

Select a known and trusted kitchen remodeling contractor for your project. This will help you achieve the visual aesthetics that you want, without compromising on the budget or functional aspects. Check some of their past work, seek a free consultation session, and meet their designers in person to find custom solutions for your home. 

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