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Make Sure You’re Getting A Good Deal – Comparing Shed Quotes


So you’re building a new shed.


You’re in for a genuinely good time. Even if you’re building it to just stash a bunch of old dusty photographs, sheds are fun, and there’s nothing more fun than a brand new shed project on your property.

Ok, but how good are your shed quote appraisal skills? 

Finding the right shed builder in Perth can be a tricky business. Competition is hot and navigating your way around different quotes can seem like an uphill battle.

Relax. We’ve got the basics covered below. Here’s what you need to know:

Piece of Advice #1: Gather Many Quotes 

It’s time to start calling up, submitting online enquiry forms, and maybe even hit up your shed building mate who might still be in the business. Fact is, you won’t get a snapshot of what’s out there if you don’t ask and get all the right info.

When you’re doing this, make sure to include the same measurements, specifications, and features across all your enquiries that way you’re getting a good comparison between the same things. 

Piece Of Advice #2: Look At Your Quotes. Are They Easy To Read?

Give your quotes a quick squiz and see how easy they are to understand. Poorly written quotes are a sign of what your shed will look like: poor. We’re talking about the basics here – spelling errors – misspelling your name. 

Piece Of (Valuable) Advice #3: Beware The Fine-print*

Prioritise well laid out and easy to follow quotes. Clear pricing structures are also important. Make sure there’s no misleading fine-print or asterisk indicating you’re not actually getting what you’re looking at. Often the truth is hidden in the details at the bottom. Read carefully. 

* sorry, this quote would be lying through its teeth. In the bin please. 

Piece Of Advice #4: Compare What You’re Actually Getting 

This is where things can get a bit confusing, as different companies might use different terminology, and provide different materials. Here are some basic categories you should 100% tick off before signing off:

1. Types And Quality Of Materials

A good place to start is to see whether the materials are Australian-made. Make sure you’re getting COLORBOND® or GALVASPAN® steel manufactured by BlueScope Steel. Why’s that? It’s the best steel in WA full stop. 

2. Shed Design Plan

This should be a separate document. It’s unmistakable as it looks like house plans, and should contain basic information such as size, dimensions, measurements. If this basic document isn’t included – maybe ask for a follow-up or move on to more promising Perth Shed quotes. If it’s a larger project, you might want to ask if they’ll offer you a 3D rendering of your future shed.

3. This Quote Doesn’t Include Concrete Slab…

Don’t get caught in the slab trap. Some shed companies won’t specify whether they include a concrete slab in their initial price which is a bit like offering a meal without a plate to eat it off. Disgusting! That quote gets the bin treatment. 

4. Project Management  

Bit of an umbrella term here but it’s important. Check that the whole delivery of the project is included from the delivery of all building materials, construction, and installation, including potential site visits throughout the process in case of any issues. 

5. Check They’ve Got Insurance  

Yeah, things can go wrong. And you want to be sure your shed building company is on top of their insurance obligations. The absence of proper insurance can leave you high and dry and worst case, completely shed-less. Avoid that by double-checking the building company has got comprehensive insurance. 

How To Narrow Down Your Last Few Shed Quotes

At the end of the day, you’ve got to make an informed decision on who will get the pleasure of building your new Perth shed. But what’s the X factor that will have you slapping down your cash?

Here’s what to look out for:

Full Site Cleanup: The Icing On The Cake  

Yeah, baby. If this is included, great. If you want to save by doing this yourself – also great. But having this basic job included in the initial quote is a good sign that the company is well organised and willing to go the extra mile to make your shed a real success. 

Help With Building Permit Applications  

Now you’re talking. A company that is willing to take care of that mountain of paperwork for you is bound to know their stuff. The Australian Building codes can be strict in some circumstances, and knowing how to navigate this administrative hurdle is valuable and should earn extra brownie points in the decision process. 

One Final Slither Of Advice: Check Google Reviews 

Getting some reviews from a simple google search is a fantastic way of sifting through sheds Perth, and coming out with a winner. A good way to examine your quotes is to find your favourite based on the above advice and then verify with a simple online search.

Choosing a local shed builder 

Getting a local company that uses high-quality Australian-made materials, and passes your Perth sheds quote analysis is the best way to deliver on your dream project.

Feeling confident? Great. It’s over to you. 

Happy shed shopping. 

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