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Buying mattresses means making a long term decision. A mattress will serve you at least for a decade. Buying a mattress is an expensive affair and the decision needs to be well thought out. A wrong decision will lead you to backaches for over a decade to come or spend more money soon. If you are looking for a mattress that can be easily transported then you should consider Mattress in a box Toronto. There are multiple options that you can choose from. We are listing below some of the mattresses by Serta and their features that you can consider while making a decision.

Serta Spectrum 7” Firm

If you are looking for the Serta comfort in a mattress in a box, then Spectrum 7” firm mattress is the ultimate choice. This mattress comes with convenient packaging and can be easily transported. It has a 1” cool twist Gel memory foam which is infused into the breathable foam. This helps to increase the airflow and cause heat dissipation. The 6” of SertaPure Foam Core has been designed to give your body the ultimate support. The mattress has been certified by CertiPur-US. This implies that the foam which is used in the mattress meets all the standards for content and emission. The material used has been analysed ad accredited after being tested.

Spectrum 8” Mattress

This is another great option by Serta. The 8-inch mattress in a box has been designed to be easily transported. It makes use of the latest mattress technology to give you the ultimate comfort. It has a 2” cool twist Gel Memory Foam which is amalgamated with the breathable foam that has been designed to promote better airflow. When the airflow is better the heat is dissipated. 6” SertaPure Foam Core is present in the mattress to give you the ultimate comfort. It provides support to all the contours and pressure points of your body. This gives you the much-needed comfort for a restful sleep. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty. The material which goes into making the mattress has been analyzed and accredited by independent testing laboratories. They are all safe to use.

Spectrum 10” Mattress

Though it is a 10” mattress. The mattress is easy to transport. It has a 2-inch DuraCool Gel Memory Foam. This foam brings together the premium breathable memory foam and gel to provide you with the extra comfort that you need. It takes away all the pressure from your body and provides you with the ultimate comfort. The foam helps to reduce the heat buildup. 2inch of ComfortAir Foam is used to make the mattress more breathable. It is this foam that adds to the plush feel of the mattress and provides you with that extra support. For providing all-over support to your body there is a 6” of SertaPure Foam Core which is used. Spectrum 10″ mattress helps to give your body that extra comfort that lasts long.

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