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5 Visitors You Don’t Want in Your Home This Holiday Season


With the end of October comes Halloween andthe start of the annual holiday season. This time of year, it is common to welcome all sorts of guests into our homes. Most of those guests are wanted; some of them are not. The tricky part is identifying unwanted visitors and keeping them away.

Below is a list of five visitors you do not want in your home this holiday season. Note that not all unwanted guests are human. Each one represents problems you don’t need when you’re trying to enjoy holiday celebrations with family and friends. The more you can do to keep them away, the more joyful your holidays will be.

1. The Burglar

Burglary sucks any time of year. During the holiday season, being victimized by a burglar can be even worse. The last thing you want is for your holiday celebrations to be ruined by someone who thinks nothing of breaking in and stealing your valuables.

One of your best weapons against burglars is a monitored home security system. Studies have shown that burglars avoid homes with alarm systems. You can install a DIY system that you monitor yourself or go with a full-service home security provider like Vivint Smart Home. Either way, home security tends to deter burglars.

2. The Porch Pirate

The only property crime as annoying as burglary is porch piracy. Unfortunately, the annual holiday season is when porch pirates are in their prime. They love this time of year because home package delivery skyrockets. This is when they make their money. You surely don’t want porch pirates visiting your home this holiday season.

You have numerous options for thwarting porch pirates. There are package safes, delivery company lockers, and video doorbells. You can have your packages left with a neighbor or delivered to your workplace. There are lots of ways around this particular crime.

3. The HVAC Repair Tech

Nothing ruins a holiday celebration quite like the furnace quitting. And this time of year, when there are so many other expenses to cover, the last thing you need is a hefty HVAC repair bill. The last person you want to see standing on your porch is the local repair man. As such, you might want to get out front by having your HVAC and duct systems inspected.

4. The Insurance Adjuster

A visit from the insurance adjuster means that you have made a claim on your homeowners’ policy. That means something has gone wrong. Maybe you discovered a leak in the roof. Perhaps your water tank failed and flooded your basement. Whatever the case might be. A visit from the insurance adjuster also means repair work needs to be done. You do not need that right now.

5. Any and All Animals

Last but not least are all those animal friends that live out in the yard. As temperatures get colder, they are looking for warm places to spend the winter. Your attic or basement might be high on the list. If there is a way inside, rest assured that everything from squirrels to mice will find it.

Do you really want your holiday dinner spoiled by rodents in the kitchen? Do you want squirrels chewing through all those wrapped packages in the attic? Of course not. So now is the time to take a look around your home and make sure there is no way for animals to get in.

The annual holiday season is just about here. Hopefully, you will not be invaded by any unwanted guests. Here’s to a happy and healthy holiday season for all!

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